How to Send Large Video on Whatsapp, Email[Two Methods]

Online Media sharing is a great and nice experience. Sharing Images, Music, Video Documents over internet is quite awesome and in some cases, requirements. But, sadly, sharing you media over internet has it’s own restrictions. You cannot share a video larger than 16MB on WhatsApp. So, How to Send 100Mb Video on WhatsApp, and email ?

A typical Email cannot handle a file more than 100MB. Sharing larger video files on WhatsApp or Email is really pain in butt and leaves you astonished, if somehow you can send video more than 16mb on WhatsApp and often we end up frustrated with this restriction.

How to Send Large video on Whatsapp

There are several methods to send the Video larger than 16 Mb on WhatsApp on Android and iOS. You can follow the methods mentioned below.

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Method 1 : Upload the Video on Youtube and Share link

Since the launch of WhatsApp PiP(Picture-in-Picture) feature, it has became easy to play any video from external source via link. All you have to do is to upload your video to YouTube and send the link to the user you want to share the video with. Using this method you can share a video file of larger than 16Mb on WhatsApp or Email.

  • Precaution:

Send Large video on Whatsapp

Make sure to set the privacy to private or unlisted if you don’t want to share the video with any one else on YouTube. Means only the person with the video link will be able to see the video. The video will not appear to public or in YouTube search. Read here: How to Upload a private video on YouTube.

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  • Pros
  1. You can keep your video always available.
  2. Videos can be uploaded in High quality.
  3. No files size limits(you can upload a video upto 22GB in size)
  • Cons
  1. Need Data Connection to watch the video.
  2. Cannot Upload copyright materials and Adult Contents.

Method 2 : Using Video Compression Tool

This method is however a time taking process but it makes the video ready to share directly on WhatsApp and Email. Also this method includes some external application which you can use to  compress a large video to smaller size.

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How to compress a video on android phone.

You can find plenty of apps on Android and iOS to compress a large video into smaller size. Use any one of the and you can compress a typical 100MB video to smaller size 10MB and so. Easy Video Cutter is one of the best tool which is easy to use and can compress any video format.

Here is the Complete guide to use Easy video cutter to compress and send large video on WhatsApp.



  • Download Easy Video Cutter From Google Play store.
  • Select the task you want to perform. In this case we are selecting Compress.


  • Browse for the file and select the video you want to compress.
  • Here you will need to select the resolution and quality of video(select as per your compression requirements)
  • Name the file and press Ok



  • Don’t Bother about the progress bar. Browse the file once process is done.
  • Now your file is ready to share on WhatsApp and Email etc.
  • You will see video compressing status in notification bar.

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  • Pros.
  1. Can Compress any file format as per your requirements.
  2. No need to crop the video while sending on WhatsApp.
  • Cons.
  1. High Compress will result in smaller files but low quality.
  2. Cannot compress a high quality file into smaller size.

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