How To Transfer Files From Android To PC Wireless Easy Method

Have you ever felt the urge to transfer files from Android To PC wireless. If you answer is yes and you want to to know how to transfer files from PC to Android phone without USB then this article is for you. Transferring the data using USB cable across devices is old school technique. Using these methods you can actually transfer all the data from Android to your Windows or MAC over Wifi Network.

All you need is an Android Smartphone and a Wifi enable Windows PC. In this example we are going to use a very popular file Explorer for Android – ES File Explorer File Manager.

Create ftp disk for android

This method requires a basic level of Computer knowledge. Here I assume that you are aware of all Wifi and Hotspot feature in your Android phone.

We will learn to enable the WiFi transfer and setup a FTP(File Transfer Protocol) system to create a virtual Disk on your Windows PC. You can use this Virtual Disk to browse, edit, copy or delete the files on your Android Phone/Device. 

Transfer Files From Android To PC on Wifi

This process will create a permanent virtual disk dedicated to your Android phone which can be used to transfer or edit the files on your Android over wifi.


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Once the FTP setup is completed, you are not required to repeat the process. All you have to do is to connect your PC and Android to same Wifi network(from you Router Wifi or Mobile Hotspot).

Create FTP to Transfer Android files to Windows PC over Wifi

In transfer the files and data over Wifi from Android to Windows we need to create a FTP using IP(Internet protocol). First step contains enabling FTP on your Android phone and the second step explains to attach a virtual Disk on your Windows.

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Before you processed make sure to connect your Android device and PC to same Wifi Network. If you are not using a Router then you may Turn on Mobile Hotspot on Android and connect your PC.

Setup FTP on Android

How To Transfer Files From Android To PC Wireless

  • Open File explorer on your Android Device.

Create FTP using File Manager

  • Now tap on three horizontal ≡ lines from the top left corner.
  • Now select connect to PC/Computer.
  • Now press Start 

setting up the Wireless transfer on Windows for your Android


Here you Will be displayed a page displaying the IP address in form of ftp://192.168.x.x. Keep this screen open as we need this IP while setting up the Wireless transfer on Windows for your Android

Now we are done with Android device. Head to your Windows PC to setup FTP for wireless transfer from Android on Wifi.

Setup FTP on Windows PC

  • Open Windows File explorer and right click on My PC(in this case Jeopardy is my admin name)

Setup FTP on Windows PC to Transfer file from Wifi

  • Select Add a network location

Add network location FTP

  • Click Next and you will be asked for IP address.

Enter the IP address as displayed from the File manager on Android

  • Enter the IP address as displayed from the File manager on Android (See example above)
  • Follow the steps and agree to all the options by simply clicking on next button, and finally your FTP is ready to transfer files and data from Android via Wifi.


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This will Create a new Drive on you Windows File explorer. Use it to browse or edit files on your Android over Wifi. After you are finished with data transfer, simply stop the ftp service from Android File explorer. To reconnect the Android to your PC over wifi, Simply connect the PC to hotspot/Router via Wifi and the Drive letter is ready to access. 


However most of the Android File explorer contain the “Connect to computer” option. But if your Android File Explore is missing the option you can use other file explorer application available on Playstore. Read here to know How to Transfer Data from Android to PC over Wifi with ES File Explorer.

This was the complete guide to transfer your Android data to PC without USB connection using Wifi.

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