6 Smart Tip To Protect SmartPhone From Hackers

These are some smart way to protect you smartphone which you use for making calls, saving data, doing bank transaction and many more. 

Gone those days when Mobile phones was meant for making calls and texting. In today era Smartphone has become the integral part of our life. We use smartphones to perform various high end tasks which are highly private and need to a proper attention in order to protected the privacy. Unfortunately hackers are getting more smarter than our smartphones.

pay an attention toward the safety and privacy of your smartphones

In such you need to pay an attention toward the safety and privacy of your smartphones. So that you stay safe and save yourself from any moral embarrassment or capital loss. So, here I am going to explain some smart way to Protect Smartphone From Hackers and secure you data.

6 Smart Tip To Protect SmartPhone From Hackers

Loosing you smartphone is really pain in the butt. but loosing your data is more painful. So, before the situation get worst you need to look towards the safety of your Smartphone.

Now-a-days Data is everything, the recent Facebook data leakage has suddenly spread an awareness toward the data mining and the use of your personal data. But the question is how valuable your data is?

  • Tech companies collect user data in order to train their AI system to understand the user behavior and make the user experience better and safer. Social sites like Facebook and recently admitted that they track the user even after logging out.

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  • The real alarming situation is being hacked by hackers. Hackers usually target your personal means really personal data eg: Your photos,video, bank credentials PIN, Password and many more. This data breach can really put you in a critical situation.

We perform all or most of the task including personal and private tasks which are meant to be always secured and safe. I have collected a handful tips to protect your data and prevent any other app or hacker from accessing them.

1. Pay Attention Before Installing a new App

  • We keep installing new apps on smartphones. Some of them are really from authorized publishers but others are not from such trusted developer. Even you install the software from trusted sources like Apple App Store or Google Playstore but still you can not be sure if the app is 100% secure.
  • Pay attention to the permission asked by the apps while installing. Give them the required permission. For example installing a calculator should not ask for contact, location or media access . If the application is asking for inappropriate permission better don’t install the app.

Pay attention to the permission


  • Always install the app from official app stores.


  • Never rely on the app which claim to Hack anyone’s Facebook, Reading WhatsApp anonymously, Hacking others phones etc.


  • Never Allow the applications to gain power over your device.Just double check the permissions you are giving for an application.

2. Keep an eye on system apps and their permissions

  • Some Smartphones come with plenty of pre-loaded apps. App are however secure but still you need to keep an eye on the permission the app has been granted for. Better keep an on the app permissions in order to protect smartphone from hackers.


  • Disable the permissions of the apps you don’t use frequently. This will add an extra safety to your data. For example if you don’t use shopping apps like Flipkart and Amazon frequently. Consider disable their all permissions manually. you can always re-enable the permission once  you open the app. Read here: How to disable installed Apps permission on Android.

3. Avoid connecting your Smartphone to Unsecured or Public WiFi


  • Public WiFi is one of the soft key for hackers. You generally get lured to the free WiFi and don’t hesitate to connect your smartphone to such Portal. But, Think twice before you connect you smartphone or Smart device to such open WiFi. To avoid this keep your Smartphone Wifi always off.


  • Connecting to public wifi can end up installing any malicious app on your smartphone without your consent which can lead to a serious data privacy breach issue. 

4. Always Use VPN(Virtual Private Network) on Smartphone


  • If you are extras aware of data privacy and having a doubt of being attacked by hackers. Using a VPN services is a must have services for every smartphone User in attempt to save Smartphone from hackers.
  • VPN services encrypt your data so that no one cracks or hack your online activity. Even your Government can not track your online activity. Using VPN you can also Access banned websites.

In addition using a VPN service on your smartphone can also give you some extras protection against malwares and help to block ads in smartphone.

5. Keep mobile Updated with latest firmware


  • You generally ignore mobile firmware updates which makes your smartphone vulnerable to hackers. There are some strange reasons people just don’t bother to update your smartphone system firmare. Running out of data, being in love with current UI, don’t want to switch off your phone etc. are some common excuses people love to explain. But, trust me updating phones firmware gives you smart device a vanguard against hackers.

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  •  Don’t update the system with some online tools and unofficial versions. Do once you get notified on your Mobile. I Suggest you to strictly avoid Rooting for Updates.

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6. Secure your phone against physical access

So, this was all about staying safe and protect your private data, bank credentials and login details from online stealth and hackers. But what if you lost your phone? 

  • A missing phone is a nightmare right? Wrong, the real nightmare is realizing that your smartphone is not secure against physical access. Once your phone goes to wrong hand you are really in some serious peril. Well it depends how sensitive data you have stored in the phone. You private photos your bank details and all. To save your phone from such accidental data breach it is advised to always keep you phone locked with pattern password or finger sensor.


  • Securing your phone from physical access gives you a complete privacy. It ensures your data safety and can really safe you from getting into such “I-fell-like-killing-yourself” situation.

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  • Use all the Security features provided by your Mobiles such as Setup a passcode and all.This is the only way to prevent data theft.However, you can avoid them log in to your applications by changing the password.So these are the steps to follow when it was lost.

Some other handy tips to secure your Smart phone from data breach and Hacks

  • Lock Other Banking and Individual Apps apart from Homescreen Lock.
  • Never Show Notifications over the lock screen.
  • Don’t install apps from external sources by rooting the device.
  • Never save the passwords on the device or don’t even keep a file of passwords list.
  • Backup Your Data Frequently.
  • Using Security Apps works to some extent.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth and GPS Services when not in use. However, GPS Services can be used to track the location of the phone.
  • Disable Auto Logins
  • Don’t keep much of your personal and Financial data on phone.
  • Change the passwords frequently.
  • Use Passwords which are hard to guess for brute force attacks.


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