Gomovies and 123Movies is it Legit to Watch Pirated Contents

How to use Gomovies and 123Movies to watch the latest movies? it is legit to download movies from a site like gomovies? Well,  If you are a movie lover and need to watch the movies on your device including mobiles and PCs. Welcome to the piracy group and you will be glad to know the websites like these are a huge source of promoting piracy by streaming the content without proper copyright and licenses. Stick to the article and you come to know about 123moves and gomovies, a movie and tv series stream website.

People nowadays are using online streaming services to watch TV serials and movies to skip cable TV. This online streaming services and its popularity made the entertainment more prone to piracy and illegal content. There are several online stream services which are completely illegal.

123Movies or Gomovies ( known as GoStream) is one of the popular online stream services people love to watch the latest movies and TV series. But, surprisingly the streaming sites like 123Movies and GoMovies are completely illegal and are banned in several countries.

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However, these sites are still available for users with different proxies and alternative domain. According to a survey, there is more than 50 alternative domain of GoMovies you can visit to see the online stream contents.

123Movies and GoStream are popular to stream the latest movies and shows which are currently running in theaters, But, as you know, nothing is free in this world?

But, how do the websites like 123Movies and GoStream manage to stream the content for free? Whereas another streaming service provider like Netflix and Hotstar is still charging?

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GoMovies and GoStream -An Overview


GoMovies or GoStream is an alternative domain of 123movies. This website is popular for streaming illegal content without proper copyrights and licensing. You can find other alternative domains of Gomovies like Gostream.site, Gomovies123, 123movies, Gomovies.to and many more, There are several other proxies of Gomovies you can find on the internet.

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 Talking about the difference between the 123Movies or Gomovies and other legit streaming services like Netflix. A per the interface, there are no significant differences. Like, other online streaming services the Gomives has also a premium Gomovies service which allows the user to watch the content in with add free interface.

But, What makes the Gomovies illegal?

Although on the surface GoStream.site looks ok, you must know that almost all streaming sites online that allow you to watch films for free are NOT LEGAL. That’s why Gomovies has been hunted down by authorities and has been forced to change hosting providers and names so many times.

But, What makes the Gomovies illegal

Simply, Gomovies is an illegal stream service that lets users stream pirated movies and shows. Now, you must be thinking, What is pirated content? In simple, any media content including movies, TV series, Songs, Live matches or other multimedia streamed without the consent of copyright holder or the producer of the content is called piracy. And the content itself is called pirating. That means the streaming of that content is completely illegal.

In order to stream copyright content on your platform (Web/TV), you need to have a proper and legal distribution license which should be under the consent of the owner of the content.

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How do Gomovies Earn Revenue?

As we all know, streaming the shows and movies on Gomovies/GoStrream is completely illegal. As, these websites are banned by most of the popular add publishers like Google Adsense, MEdia.net and other reputed add services provider services.

In such the only method is to earn revenue is by monetizing the website and services by using other low-quality ad service providers. These ad providers use the pop-up ad formats to display the adds on the sites like Gostream.

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In addition, Gomovies has its paid premium membership services. Gomovies premium services are used to stream the content in an ad-free environment. Users can subscribe to Premium Gomovies services by paying a certain amount. Like other legal online streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix and others.

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Is GoMovies Safe?

No, absolutely not. However, streaming and watching pirated content is the same illegal and both are a punishable offense. But, don’t worry it’s never going to happen that you are watching the movies on GoStream and suddenly cops will invade your house.

But, risks are others and trust me more serious than that. So, let’s know how online streaming sites like 123movies, Einthusan, Gomovies.to and several other illegal sites are not safe.

As we learned above, these sites use cheap Pop-up ad formats to monetize the website in order to earn revenue. Now, these pop-up ads are the most dangerous thing can ever happen to your devices including the PC, mobile and Tablets.

If you are familiar with these websites, you might have come across the ugly pop-up ads asking for permission and showing pop-ads to install some unknown adware and application on your device. Now one wrong click and your devices will be compromised.

Should You Watch Movies on 123Movies?

Should You Watch Movies on 123Movies?

123Movies has attracted millions of visitors over the years. This does not mean that the website is legal or safe. While Gomovies does not host the content themselves, the content that you find on this streaming website is illegally obtained.

There is also a major risk that your computer or device could become infected with a virus or malware after spending time on 123Movies or any of the fake clone websites

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The safety and security of your personal data can be compromised in a single click. No, matter how preciously you use these sites. Chances are you might end up installing a Ransomeware, Malware or Adware on your devices.

And once the malware or virus ins installed on your device you can imagine the loss it may cause. It can also invade your personal information including your intimate photo on your mobile and bank account details and login credentials as well.  

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What happened to the original Gomovies?

The websites like Gomovies and others are found to stream the latest released movies and TV shows illegally. These streaming services use a camcorder to record live movies by going to cinemas and later they provide the content to the user.

This act of piracy made the government of different countries to put a permanent ban on these online streaming sites. However, acting smartly they managed to continue their streaming services by switching the hosting and domain names.

Gomovies- Watch Latest Movies: Final Words

Gomovies is a website to stream movies and TV shows for free.  A portal to watch movies online for free. Still, there are some precautions you should take. As these movie streaming sites are promoting spams and spyware on the platform. It is advised to use a decent antivirus on your devices to watch the movies on Gomovies.