50 Kickass Torrent site domain proxy-Unblocked Torrent site

List of KickAss Torrent Proxies Still Works in 2020

Kickass torrent alternatives and torrent proxies: Google and DMCA together have decided to block the torrent sites from opening and showing in the Google results. Well, in that case, you need either the exact proxy address to open the torrent site or the domain of the unblocked torrent site.

Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent is one of the popular torrent download websites for movies, games, documents, ROMs and more. After a massive copyright issue and legal consequences, the Kickass was blocked by Google. The website was also blocked at the domain level.

This caused the Kickass Torrent site to disappear from the Google search and the website was no longer available fo the user on the regular domain address. In such people required the exact domain address to visite Kickass original website. These alternative domain name of Kickass is called KickAss Proxies. Find the list of top Kickass proxies which are still available online.

Why Kickass is Blocked

In order to stop piracy and illegal losses, which of course causes a huge revenue loss to IT and Entertainment industries. They decided to block the torrent sites.

So, when you try to open the traditional torrent site you may get a message stating that the domain has been blocked as per DMCA instruction. But, blocking the torrent site is not that easy.

What is Kickass Proxy

Once DMCA detects a domain name which is directed to a torrent site, they instantly block them. But, once the Torrent is blocked the owner redirects the certain Domain to a new domain.

Now the old domain is blocked and you need to find the new domain if you want to open the torrent site, now this new domain name of the torrent site is called torrent proxy.

Well in such case we have collected all the new torrent site lists and all the domains with proxies where you can visit to download your favorite files and video.

How to Open Blocked Kickass Torrent sites

After this Torrent site-blocking drama, you need to have the exact Kickass Torrent domain name or Torrent proxy. Here we have collected a huge list of unblocked torrent site proxies for kickass-a popular and huge torrent download sites.

You can find all the working proxies of the Torrent site which are still working. Some of these Torrent proxies might not work but at the time of writing this article, the proxies are working.

50 Kickass Torrent Proxy

list of Kickass Torrent Unblocked proxies
list of Kickass Torrent Unblocked proxies

Top Best Unblocked KickassTorrents Alternatives Working in 2019

S .No.Kickass Torrents/ProxyStatusSpeed
1Proxy 1Very FastVery Fast
2https://topkat.net/OnlineVery Fast
3https://newkickass.org/Online Normal
4https://topkat.org/Online Normal
5https://kickasst.eu/Online Normal
6https://kickass.soy/Online Normal
7https://kickass2.info/Online Normal
8https://kat.fun/OnlineVery Fast
9https://kickassto.org/OnlineVery Fast
10https://lovekat.org/OnlineVery Fast
11 https://mykickass.org/OnlineVery Fast
12https://thekickass.org/OnlineVery Fast
13 https://mykickass.de/OnlineVery Fast
14https://kickass2.eu/OnlineVery Fast
15 https://kickasstorrents.nz/OnlineSlow
18 https://kickassz.com/OnlineSlow
24http://kat.rip/Online Normal
25http://kickasstorrents.ee/Online Normal
26https://kickass.unlockproject.today/Online Normal
27https://kickass2.ch/Online Normal
28https://kickasstorrents.to/Online Normal
29https://kickass.unblockme.eu/Online Normal
30https://kickass.unlockproject.me/OnlineVery Fast
31https://kickass.unlockproject.world/OnlineVery Fast
32https://kickass.bypassed.st/OnlineVery Fast
33https://kickasstorrents.video/OnlineVery Fast
34https://kickasstorrents.pw/OnlineVery Fast
35https://proxyindex.net/OnlineVery Fast
36https://kickass.unlockproject.fun/OnlineVery Fast
37https://kickass.unlockproject.life/OnlineVery Fast
38https://dumbtorrent.com/OnlineVery Fast
39https://kickass.unlockproject.services/OnlineVery Fast
40https://kat.am/OnlineVery Fast
41https://kickass.immunicity.st/OnlineVery Fast
42http://katcr.to/OnlineVery Fast
43https://kickass.cm/OnlineVery Fast
44https://kickass.unblocked.lol/OnlineVery Fast
45http://kattorrent.co/OnlineVery Fast
46https://thekat.info/OnlineVery Fast
47https://thekat.nz/OnlineVery Fast
48 http://kitorrents.com/OnlineVery Fast
49http://kickasstorrent.cr/OnlineVery Fast
50 https://katcr.co/OnlineVery Fast


You can also find the list of top popular torrent sites still work, including Piratesbay1337x and many more. Don’t forget to check the Name of some other top Torrent Proxies.


Final Words:

Before 2017, the Internet was not that hard to use, Specially for those who were seeking for free cracked software, Full games, and latest music and movies. However, The purpose of this article is not to promote piracy. But, Still, the importance of torrent hosting sites cannot be ignored. In late 2016 after the shutdown of Kickass Torrents and Torrentz.zu the most popular torrent sites, made the landscape look different.