Save Web Page and Website as PDF

 Learn how you can easily save any web page on the internet as a PDF file within seconds, on any browser on Windows and Android. 

Saving entire Web page as PDF for further uses is nice and clever idea. Saving a webpage on chrome and Firefox is followed by same method. Sometimes we come across some interesting article or website which you may want to keep it handy to read further. Well in this case there are two methods you can actually keep the web page saved for you. Follow the step below to convert entire website to pdf.

Method 1:

Save webpage as pdf Chrome

Save webpage as pdf Chrome

    1. Open the desire webpage in the browse (Chrome or Firefox)
    2. Press Ctrl+P key

  1. This will open a print dialogue box
  2. Change the destination on left panel of the dialogue box
  3. Select save as PDF and hit save 
  4. Locate the destination and name the file


Method 2:

Save the entire Webpage and keep it available offline

Bookmarking a webpage keeps the website link handy for you so that you can access the webpage by visiting the link but what if you need the webpage available offline.  Well in that case you can simple save the entire webpage. Follow the steps the below to save the webpage.

Save the entire Webpage and keep it available offline

  • Visit the webpage you want to make it available offline
  • pressing ctrl+S button at any point of time
  • Locate the location where you want to save the webpage
  • Click save and your webpage will always stay there

There are other online methods which let you save the webpage as PDF and keep it available offline. One of the popular online option is to visit.


Save webpage as PDF Chrome Firefox

Saving Webpage as PDF in Firefox is not available. But you can perform this by using an ad-on for Firefox. You can download the the plugin from the official Firefox extension page. 

However you can still save the entire webpage as explained in Method 2 previously.

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How to save Webpage as PDF on Android

There are several methods you can use to save the Web page as PDF on Android. One of the popular Method is detailed below


  1. Open the page you want to save in Chrome
  2. Tap the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner
  3. Tap Share, then tap Print
  4. Once Android has finished creating a preview of the page
  5. Tap the Save to drop-down menu
  6. Tap Save as PDF to save the file to your Phone’s local storage


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