4 Tips to Boost Google Chrome Speed

Google Chrome is one of most popular web browser among the Windows and Apple users. The sleek design and easy GUI make it popular among the hard core and amateur web surfers. But as you have noticed the Chrome Browser gets slow with time. With time we keep storing password, Bookmarks and history, Extensions and many more. This can lead to a noticeable downfall in the Speed of Google Chrome. So, Stick to the article and we shall discuss a handful tips, which can help you to boost up your Chrome Browser speed and enhance your browsing experience.

Tips to Boost Google Chrome Speed

Google Chrome is most used web browser around the Globe. The awesome design and lots of extension or ad-ons enables you to perform almost any task on Chrome which is not even possible on other browsers.

But the sowing speed of Chrome is a big factor which makes my eyes clinch. Here I am sharing some tricks which helped me to get rid of slow Google Chrome.

1. Clean browsing data to boost chrome speed

Your Browsing history, cookies from the websites you visit, cache memories, temporary internet files which is used to preview the images in the website you visit, are preferred as the Browsing data.


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With time these files and data gets pilled up in the cache allowing Chrome to use lesser RAM. This leads to a slow running Chrome. Cleaning you browsing data plays an important role when it comes to the speed. So, try cleaning the Browsing data using the steps explained below:

Clean browsing data to free Cache memory

Clean browsing data to free Cache memory
Clean browsing data to free Cache memory
  • Open Google Chrome Browser
  • Goto Setting>Advanced>Clear browsing data(Or presss Alt+Shift_Del key together)
  • Here select the amount of data you want to delete including history, Cache and cookies.
  • Select the time range from the drop-down box
  • Finally click clean data

2. Disabling Unnecessary Extensions will boost Chrome

Google Chrome extensions are extra addons which gives users some extras features to increase their productivity current not available on chrome. With time we end up installing plenty of extensions.

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Some of them are frequently used but others are less used.  So, considers disabling or uninstalling less used extensions in order to speed up Chrome speed.

These extension not only affects the chrome startup speed, but it makes websites to load slow.

Disabling Unnecessary Extensions will boost Chrome
Disabling Unnecessary Extensions will boost Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome 
  • Click three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the Browser
  • Hover on More tools from the drop down menu 
  • Select Extension 
  • Here you will be displayed a list of extension you are using on Chrome Browser

disabling less used extensions can boost Chrome speed

  • Just check one by one and consider disabling less used extensions 
  • don’t worry, you can enable it back when you need them

Export Chrome Extension, Password and Bookmarks

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3. Enable SPDY/4

SPDY (pronounced “SPeeDY”), an application-layer protocol for transporting content over the web, designed specifically for minimal latency. In addition to a specification of the protocol, we have developed a SPDY-enabled Google Chrome browser and open-source web server.

Enable SPDY4 to Increase Google Chrome Speed

Enabling SPDY can really enhance your Chrome Speed. Follow the steps below to enable SPDY.

Enable SPDY/4 to Increase Google Chrome Speed

  • Goto Chrome Address bar and type chrome://flags/#enable-spdy4
  • Press enter and Enable it
  • Enabling SPDY will increase you Chrome Speed my 20%

Enabling SPDY will increase you Chrome Speed my 20%

Sadly This feature is not available in Chrome 7.1 and later version


4. Use Google web light

  • Google provide a solution for slow Internet users through their web light service.By this service, we can browse web pages 4 times faster and 80% data savings than a normal web page. But the quality of web page is less and is mobile suitable.
  • The Google chrome default opens the web pages through web-light when Google servers detect that mobile user has slow Internet connection.
  • Google web light is only available in mobiles.For computer users, the chrome extension Open via Google Web Light Proxy provide this Google web light service in PC’s

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