Disable Annoying Chrome Push Notification from Sites on Android

Stop Chrome Notification on Android from Websites

Stop Chrome Notification on Android From Any website: We love surfing Internet. We visit lots of sites on mobile and PC as well. While surfing the website we end up subscribing some website which are interested in sending a push notification about their latest update and published articles.

stop chrome notification on android

However, this allows you to never miss a new update or change on that website. But, things get annoying when you are subscribed to lots of websites and your Android is bombarded with push notification. So, lets learn how to stop chrome notification on Android.

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If you are getting lots of notifications on your chrome. You can actually disable push notification on android to prevent websites from sending you the notification every now and then.

Lets discuss how to turn off chrome notifications on Android for the websites which are sending lots of notification. This method actually allows you to turn chrome notification on or off on Android for any website.

Disable Chrome Notifications on Android

To disable Chrome Notification on Android device follow the steps below:


Open Google Chrome on your Android and Tap on three vertical lines on the top right upper corner.

Tap on “settings“. Now scroll down and select “site settings“. This will display a list of tasks you can perform for a website. But, we are here to disable push notification from websites.

Tap on “Notification”.¬†Here you will see a list of websites you have allowed to send you push notification. You can control here if you want to disable notification from all websites or a specific website.

disable push notification on android

Simply select “allow” or “Block” from drop-down menu to control the push notification on Android Chrome.

If you want to completely stop chrome notification on Android, just block all the notification.


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