Bookzz: 9 Bookzz Alternatives To Download Free Ebooks

Best Bookzz Alternative Websites that are absolutely free to download E-books for your Kindle in PDF format. Bookzz was a nice website that lets you download and read thousands of books. But the website was recently taken down. In such here is the list of some best Bookzz alternatives available to download books for Kindle e-book reader, Mobile devices, Computer, etc.


This question need a grammatical correction as the website is permanently down. So, the right question is What was Alternative Alternatives

Bookzz was an online portal to download e-book for kindle and reader devices. This was the largest library to download e-books for almost any book.

Bookzz was quite famous for providing free novel ebooks. recently, the official Bookzz was taken down and the redirects to some random domain.

What’s an alternative site to

But, there are several other alternate websites like which are actually way much better when it comes to finding a variety of books.

Here we have collected a list of top bookzz alternative websites you can visit to download E-books for your Kindle Reader, Smartphones and Computer in pdf format.

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List of Bookzz Alternatives

Best Alternative Ebook sites To, the domain has been suspended due to some copyright issues. In such people are searching for bookzz alternative.

Bookzz Alternative Service Type(Paid/Free)Aviailable Contents
B-ok.orgFree2,980,970 books
62,427,937 articles
Library GenesisFree2,480,970 books
2,480,970 books
Free e-Books.netFree and paidUnknown
Books SCFree4,844,174 Books
74,775,203 Articles
FreeTechBooksFree3,894,234 Books
37,890,705 Articles

In such it’s a better idea to keep these websites bookmarked to use as the Best bookzz alternative. Few of them are similar to While others are better than

1. -Bookzz Alternative Domain

Since they have blocked the official domain of, is the alternative domain or proxy which is redirected to the same website.

This website is the same as but has an alternative domain to Bookzz.

You can download all the books available for your Kindle and other devices. -Bookzz Alternative Domain

You can create your own library and organize your favorite eBooks as per your choice. Sadly there is no category or Genre option to look for a specific topic.

But, you can still search and download your favorite eBook by searching by Title, Author, and Publisher.

Total books: 2,980,970 books
Total Article: 62,427,937 articles
Download type: Free

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2. Library Genesis

Library Genesis, formally known as Libgen is the most popular Bookzz alternative website to download free ebooks and pdfs.

Library Genesis is a search engine for books and pdfs. This website has been in origin for a long time. However, some of the links available on the website are illegal to download.

2. Library Genesis

The Russian-based website, Libgen has a huge database of over 2 million ebooks. The website database contains more than 52 million articles from about 50,000 publications.

You can try this to find articles and ebooks related to science and projects as the best alternative Bookzz website.

Total books : 2,480,970 books
Total Article : 12,427,937 articles
Download type : Free

Library Genesis has a dedicated app for Android as well. You can download the app from the official store below:

Download Library Genesis for Android:

3. Free

Yet another contender of Free, as suggested the name, this website is full of different genres and books including science, arts, computers and many more.

3. Free

Free, is also a well-established name as the bookzz alternative for fiction novel and popular writers.

They keep their library updated with lots of new upcoming and newly released ebook.

They have different categories including, Top 10 Novels, Best of the month, the best seller of the year, etc.

This bookzz alternative has a free library of 2 million ebooks and novels.

Total books: Unknown
Total Article: Unknown
Download type: Free and paid

4. Books SC

Book SC has a huge follower base in American and European countries. This website has a huge collection of Ebooks in the library.

You can find the book from different categories including Title, author, publication and more.

4. Books SC

Book SC has a search engine included which helps you to search for your favorite ebook and download for free. This Bookzz alternative is completely free to download and read books.

All the ebooks available on this website are free to use. You may make a donation if you like the books.

Total books: 4,844,174 Books
Total Article: 74,775,203 Articles
Download type: Free

5. FreeTechBooks

The lists free online computer science, engineering and programming bookstextbooks and lecture notes, all of which are legally and freely available over the Internet. Throughout FreeTechBooks, other terms are used to refer to a book, such as ebooktextdocumentmonogram or notes.

5. FreeTechBooks

You can download thousands of ebooks from FreeTechBooks. You can search ebook by the name of the author, Publisher, and license as well.

This Website is the best free bookzz alternative to download ebooks related to the computer, programming language, and scripts.

Total books: 3,894,234 Books
Total Article: 37,890,705 Articles
Download type: Free


Talking of the best bookzz alternatives, there are several other websites similar to is another name of the top ebook download site with millions of ebooks.

This website is full of latest updates ebooks including Architecture, Artbooks, Audiobooks, Games related, Politics, Softwares and many more categories in form of Ebooks and Pdf all free to download.

6. contains thousands of ebooks related to almost every topic you can name.

Total books: Unknown
Total Article: Unknown
Download type: Free

7. is another best Bookzz alternative with over 75 million downloads of textbooks and business e-books every year, Bookboon is the largest publisher of e-books in the world.

The website promises to provide ebooks for students for various topics and subjects. has a huge library of ebooks for Business related topics.


Bookboon made a big leap in 2005 becoming the world’s first online book publisher to provide free textbooks for students, and later adding business e-book solutions to its arsenal.

Total books: Unknown
Total Article: Unknown
Download type: Free


Over 6711 Authors, 23,496 eBooks and 777 Publishers, the website is the best contender bookzz alternative website.

Easy to navigate with a friend tab makes it easy to search for free ebooks to download.


You can download free eBooks and PDFs for several categories including Arts, Biography, Business, Computer, education materials, information, reference materials, documents, etc.

Total books: Unknown
Total Article: Unknown
Download type: Free

9. is full of free eBooks for Art and Photography, Computer language, parenting Guides, Law, Sports, Literature, etc.

Easy to browse and search, this website has a huge collection of free Ebooks and PDF you might not find on other Ebook download websites.


Total books: Unknown
Total Article: Unknown
Download type: Free


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Other Mentionable Bookzz Alternative Websites to Download Free Ebooks and PDFs

  • Google Ebookstore

Final Words:

Gone the days when people need to buy their favorite books by going to the library and paying for books. The modern generation likes to read the book on gadgets like Kindle, eBook reader, and Smartphones. There are multiple websites similar to Bookzz, Where you can find some interesting eBooks to read and download for free.