5 Best YouTube to ogg Converter: Convert Youtube to Ogg

YouTube to ogg converter is a tool to convert Youtube videos to ogg files which are rich in quality and small in size.  This article is all about the top youtube to ogg converter and how to use them. But, before we head to the list let’s know a bit about ogg file format.

What is ogg Audio Format?


Developed by Xiph.Org Foundation in 2007, ogg files formats are used to store the video, audio, text and metadata of a multimedia file. The multimedia container is broadly popular to store Vorbis audio files. 

In a nutshell, ogg files are used to store the audio information which is supported by a limited number of media players. But, ogg files are audio files that are high in quality and smaller in size.

You can convert any file containing audio information to ogg to file format without losing the quality of the music. Youtube to ogg Converter are tools that can convert any YouTube video to ogg audio file.

Ogg vs Mp3 Audio Format

Ogg vs Mp3
Ogg vs Mp3

Besides the traditional audio files in Mp3 format, ogg audio files are less popular but still, you cannot ignore the significance of ogg audio files. As compared to MP3 audios, ogg audios are richer in quality and smaller in size. But, this unpatented file format is not supported on the majority of media players.

Youtube to ogg Converter

Besides the fact,  there are plenty of YouTube video downloader tools available in the market.  If you use YouTube to listen to music then trust me it’s worthless to download the entire video from YouTube. 

Youtube to ogg Converter
Youtube to ogg Converter

In such, you need a decent youtube to ogg converter to convert and play YouTube video in an audio file format that is rich in quality and acquires less space on your device.  

Here we have listed some popular YouTube to ogg Converters which are free to use and able to download YouTube video as an audio file.

How to Convert YouTube video to OGG?

The easiest and fastest way to convert any YouTube video to oog audio files using a YouTube to oog converter tool.

 Here is the list of best YouTube to ogg converters that are easy to use and able to convert almost any YouTube video to Ogg audio file even the copyrighted one.

Converting a youtube to ogg is quite identical on all ogg converter tools. You simply paste the URL of a Youtube video and press on the convert button. Done! Your ogg file is ready to download.

5 Best Youtube to ogg Converter

1. Catchvideo.net
2. SaveTheVideo.com
3. Anything2mp3
4. YouTube-OGG
5. www.office-converter.com

There are several websites and online tools available to convert YouTube videos to ogg. Still, we have collected some useful and easy to use youtube to ogg converters.

1. Catchvideo.net

Catchvideo.net free website allows you to convert any YouTube video to ogg audio files. Easy to use and hassle-free conversion makes the website one of the most popular YouTube to ogg converters. 


In addition, you can also use this website to download video and audio from various video streaming sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo video and others. 

If you are still not convinced let me tell you, besides the online YouTube to ogg converter tool the website has many more to explore. You can also install Catchvideo.net addons for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser which gives you easy to access video downloaders and converters on the go. 

Using Catchvideo.net is quite simple and you can easily through the options. Follow the steps below to convert YouTube to Ogg in a simple way: 

  • Copy the video URL of the Youtube video
  • Open Catchvideo.net on your browser
  • Paste the copied Youtube video URL.
  • Click on “Catch” and select the output files format you desire(mp3/ogg/flac/aac)
  • Press the convert button and wait for the process to finish
  • Sadly the website doesn’t support downloading the copyrighted video from Youtube.

2. SaveTheVideo.com

SaveTheVideo.com is a web application based Youtube to ogg converter. The website is not only a youtube to oog converter but it also includes the video download feature from different video sites like Youtube, Dailymotion and others.


In addition, you can also use the website to remove and add audio to any Youtube video and download it as Mp3, MKV and oog file.

 Besides Youtube to ogg converter, the website has much more to explore. You can use this web application to clip the videos and remove audio from any Youtube video. The tool is easy to use and supports downloading copyrighted Youtube video as ogg.

Here is how you use SaveTheVideo.com to convert Youtube video to ogg and download it

  • Copy the video link From Youtube
  • Open SaveTheVideo.com on your browser
  • Paste the video link and select the output file format(OGG)
  • Press “Convert” and wait for the conversion.
  • Download the ogg file and save it to local storage.

SaveTheVideo.com is available to download on Android and iOS as well.

3. Anything2mp3

This is free of cost conversion tool to convert any YouTube video to ogg file format. In addition, this Youtube to Ogg converter also supports various other output formats ranging from AAC, MP3, and WMA file formats.


Users can also select the audio bitrate quality as per their requirement from the given options of 96K, 128K, 192K, and 320K.

As we all know higher the bitrate greater the audio quality. Unlike other converter tools, you can simply drag-drop any video from YouTube to the tool and convert it instantly to OGG audio file format.

The website, however, contains some sort of pop-up ads that are worth ignoring.
Here is how you use anything2mp3 to Convert YouTube to OGG

  • Copy the URL link of YouTube audio or video that you would like to convert to OGG.
  • Paste the YouTube link into the converter box.
  • Click the Download link from URL.
  • Select OGG as the output formats, and then select the needed bitrate.
  • Click CONVERT File, that’s it.

4. YouTube-OGG

As the name suggests itself, YouTube-OGG is a web-based application to convert YouTube video to ogg file format.
The website supports downloading and converting videos from 1500+ websites including YouTube.


The huge range of output format options including OGG, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, and more. You can convert any YouTube video to OGG audio files in minutes even the video is copyrighted. Still, it gives you less control over the quality of the final OGG output file.

Here is how you download a YouTube to OGG on the website.

  • Paste the target YouTube URL at Video URL and click Continue.
  • Select OGG as the conversion formats.
  • Click Download to start the conversion.

5. www.office-converter.com

This YouTube to Ogg converter has got something more Under the Hood. The website is not only a good destination to convert any YouTube video to Ogg file format but it has also got lots of features to explore.

oofice youtube ogg converter

In addition to converting YouTube to OGG, you can also use this website to do a batch upload your audio files and convert to Ogg file format. However, you can also convert and download any YouTube video in ogg audio by just pasting the video link on the website.
In a nutshell, an office converter is all in one tool worth trying.

Here is how you use office converter as YouTube to Ogg converter:

  • Open the website
  • Paste the YouTube video link
  • Click on “download and convert” button
  • Wait for the process to finish and download The Ogg file.

Youtube to OGG Converter-FAQ

How do I convert YouTube to Ogg?

Converting YouTube to Ogg is quite identical for all tools. You simply copy the Youtube Video URL and click on Convert button. Once converted, download the Ogg files.

Are YouTube to Ogg Converter safe?

Most of the Youtube-Ogg Converter are a safe place to convert and download Youtube as Ogg. But, you need to aware of pop-up ads on these websites as one-click on wrong link and you will end up installing any random adware on your browser.


Ogg audio files are one of the best file formats to store audio music files as it holds maximum quality with minimum file size. Standard YouTube to ogg converter converts any video file 2 standard Ogg file format easily and efficiently. Sadly, ogg files are not supported on the majority of media players.