Xossip Is Back With This Alternate Domain Name -2021 Exbii

Xossip or Xossipy is a widely popular website among popular adult boards in India. Recently, it was reported that Xossip was shut down due to some legal issues. But, Xossip is back with a new domain redirected to the old website. Stick to the article and you will come to know about the forum and alternate domain of Xossip forum. We shall also know about the reasons that caused Xossip to shut down.


What is Xossip?

Xossip is a widely popular adult forum board in India also known as desi masala was a community forum. It contained videos, photos and a most engaging discussion forum which was highly popular in India, and its regions.

Xossip was a parent site of an Adult forum called exbii. Exbii.com was introduced in 2008 but later it was taken down and was redirected to Xossip.

Xossip forum board offered videos, live threads, Hindi and regional stories, exclusive pics of couples, news, sports, etc. to its users. The forum had more than 100k members with proper and regular engagement.

Xossip is basically a forum where a user needs to create an account in order to post a new thread and post. The new post was soon admired by numerous visitors.

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Why Xossip was banned?

You will be surprised to know that Xossip was never blocked once. Rather the forum went through bans and legal issues. However, DMCA was directed by the government to block all the available working domains of Xossip. But, regular protest from the active members of the forum forces Govt. to lift the ban.

Currently, the Xossip forum is available online but you can’t visit the website directly as the original domain address is still blocked. In order to access the forum, you need to visit using a proxy of Xossip. However, there are other alternative domains of  Xossip, you can visit.

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Is the Xossip website down?

The administrator of the forum, who controlled and managed it had no other options but to shut the whole website down due to a lack of hosting funds. As the sources say, whatever the caring Xossip community donated was not enough to keep the forum running and clear out the hosting bills.

If you still think the Xossip website is down, then you should wake up from your deep sleep. The forum had experienced several bans before, but sadly, it was shut down again but not because of government interference.

The administrator didn’t run any ads to keep the user experience enjoyable. Therefore the forum was solely dependent upon the donations it received.

Xossip has finally shut down permanently. The admin could no longer keep up with the server bills. with no buyer insight, he was forced to shut down the site.

But its redirected to another domain. We shall keep our reader updated once the exact domain is confirmed. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the other forum similar to Xossip.

However, fans have created the same forum xforum.live using the same xenforo software used by Xossip.

Xossip Alternative Domains

Xossip Alternative Domains

Here is the list of all the alternative Xossip forum domains and Xossip proxy.

1. Xossipz

Xossipz is an identical website to Xossip. Xossipz has the same forum user interface where the user needs to register and log in before posting in the forum.

As compared to other alternate domains Xossipz.com has fewer adds on the platform. Which gives you neat and fast user experience.

xossip alternative- Xossipz

As per the active users and contents, this forum was registered in December 2018. This forum has not a satisfactory number of active users.

But the forum is getting its popularity faster and may make people forget about the old Xossip forum.

Xossipz has the entirely same forum in the name of the user interface. The alternatives of Log into your account and sign up for a new account had been displayed for the customer who is coming back.

The interface is quite appreciable and this website has fewer pop up advertisements as compared to the previous alternative.

2. Xossipy

As compared to the original x-forum website. This forum website has the same interface. As per posts and threads, Xossipy is the best alternative to Xossip.


But still, you can get a great add-free experience browsing and surf through the forum. Explore and find new pieces of stuff including Videos, Images, Audio, leaked clips, and many more contents.

3. Xforum.live

Xforum is one of the best alternatives to Xossip forums as it is relatively fast and more optimized than others. This forum offers members the opportunity to log in or register.


After our review, we noticed that the website has a high number of pop ads that come up every time you try to click.

However, the site points out “Register to get rid of ads.”. XFORUM.LIVE is one of the best alternatives for forums like Xossip as it is comparatively fast and more optimized than others.

This forum offers the active users the offer to log into their own personal accounts.

After our review, we noticed that this website has a high number of ads displaying all over the screen and they come up every single time users try to click.

Furthermore, the website encourages the user to register themselves before using the website as a guest.


Note: There are many other alternatives such as Xossip-regional.com, Masaladesi, and Desibees.com, but these do not have that large of a community.


Xossip- Question and Answers

The internet is flooded with the question “Is the Xossip website down?” is it true?

No, the service is still available. However, users have reported that the website is down. Which is actually concerned with the host and the software itself? Xossip is built with open-source software.
Open-Source software has many limitations. And the number of visits per month is a big concern. Also, the website host and the domain name plays a major role.
So, the Xossip is working fine but it might not open because of some limitations, excess user visits or IP blocks.

How to Open Xossip Original Website?

If you are still unable to open the original Xossip forum you can try the alternative of Xossip listed above. But, you can still try opening the forum by using some decent VPN service. If the forum is blocked on domain level this can help you to access the original Xossip forum.

Final Words:

Here was the list of all the alternate domains of Xossip. I hope you liked the article. For more alternate websites and proxies do visit our ALTERNATE section. In addition, we have tried to explain the reasons behind the shutdown of Xossip and why the Xossip forum is not working.