Why Xiaomi Redmi is so popular in India

Why Xiaomi Redmi is so popular in India

A complete Chinese Brand Xiaomi and it has been almost an year since it entered the Indian Smartphone market in 2016 22nd July with its Mi3. Since then the Xiaomi has never seen any major

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Why Xiaomi Redmi is so popular in India

downfall in its sale. In November the New Delhi High court ordered Xiaomi to Stop selling its product in the Indian Market, However after a few discontinuations the Ban was finally levied up by the Delhi High Court on 8 January 2015.A term called Hunger marketing made it hit big sales in Indian as well as other markets.

Why Xiaomi Redmi is so popular in India

Why Xiaomi Redmi is so popular in India


Slowly But Surely, Xiaomi Is Conquering The Indian Smartphone Market.

Xiaomi has definitely become an instantly recognized brand. And, it has been smartly ironing out distribution and customer service issues while delivering new devices at regular intervals.

The question is Why Xiaomi Redmi is so popular in India.

We decide to take a cover story behind the success of Xiaomi in India and here are the top 5 reason :Why Xiaomi Redmi is so popular in India.


One of the Prime reason is low price with high features. Besides plenty of draw backs Redmi is quite cheap comparing to other Brand with same features. Most people switch to Redmi because of it’s battery and not the features. The battery backup is no doubt is awesome and in this case battery is the greatest USP of redmi.

Why Xiaomi Redmi is so popular in India



Lesser the supply higher the demand is the second great secret of Why Xiaomi Redmi is so popular in India and the growing market share of the Xiaomi Products.It goes as simple as this, Ship 1 lakh units to india initially with high end specs.Then, Put up a pre registration form and put on just 2,000 devices for sale on the first day, so that it would sell out instantly.Then spread the news, that it went out of stock in 30 minutes and make other guys wait for 10-15 days.Again, now put on just 1,000 devices and instantly, they get sold for 2.5 minutes. Same things goes again and again.If some problem occurs, Crash the website.


Most big companies spend million of dollar on advertisements and promotional stuffs including high profile brand ambassador and all, but it this case of  Xiaomi never bothers about all these shits rather the company totally relies upon its social media network and Xiaomi Fan Group to spread the word mouth to mouth and that works pretty well too.And that saves a it lots of money.


Well known world famous for its super powerful mobile processors company Qualcomm is the founding partner of the Brand Xiaomi. We all know that all major smartphone manufacture Including Xiaomi runs on Qualcomm processors. Being a partner company of Qualcomm , Xiaomi gets same processor at low prices comparing to other Manufacturer. Hence Xiaomi is able to keep the price low.

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Well Xiaomi IS not done yet, Xiaomi isn’t only just selling its Smartphones to a small customer base. But It has and is continuously expanding its bases in more and more countries. Till date Xiaomi is selling its products in countries like – China, most of the Southeast Asia, India, Brazil, Russia and Mexico. So its like making the saying of “Drops make an Ocean” come true, as there would be more buyers so more “Drops” and eventually it will form an “Ocean” with those “drops”.



Lets take this story, a S5 manufacturing cost is just 256$. Since Xiaomi provides flagship priced phones at budget rates. We’ll compare them both.We’ll take Xiaomi and strip it, so instead of that AMOLED screen in s5 , we get a cheaper LCD screen which further reduces the cost of Xiaomi. So, we’ll keep the phone cost at 250$ , and we will add 10% of flipkart partnership per device. so its a total of 260$. Plus, they don’t do any marketing.260*60= 15,600 Rs.Plus, when you get a Xiaomi Mi3, you dont just buy the device, you also use the services which they provide (all the MIUI stuff related to the Mi account). So in that way, they’ll get the revenue and also they can hope that the consumer might purchase.


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