Share you Live location: Whatsapp,Facebook,Snapchat

Live location sharing is just an awesome feature now a days , Imagine you are going on a hot date and cannot get the exact location of your partner , Its quite rude to make your date wait for you on the first date. But what to do if you are note aware of the exact location of the specific Restaurant or the Movies theater you promised her to meet.


The new live location sharing feature may came to be a life saver for you. Just grab your phone call her and ask her to share her live location, so that you can decide whether you and ride your own bike or you may wanna take a taxi.

But what if she/he is not aware of this new live location sharing feature?. Just relax next time before she/he asks you to teach her/him to Share you Live location on Whatsapp,Facebook,Snapchat. just forward this article to her.

so here we came for the rescue, with our new guide.This article will help you to learn to Share you Live location on Whatsapp,Facebook,Snapchat.

So without any further day lets got started.

Share you Live Location on Whatsapp.

On wednesday worlds most loved messanger app WhatsApp announced that it’s going to add live location sharing feature, to make it easier to find your friends in real time with this new feature. Great for sharing your commute so people know when you’ll arrive and inform your belongings that you’re safe.
The new feature is about to introduced for WhatsApp on iOS and Android over the next few weeks. In the meantime, here’s a quick guide course on how to share your live location using some of the popular apps around.

Live Location Sharing on WhatsApp

Live location on whatsapp
Share you live location

Assuming you are already able to share your live location on WhatsApp (it currently available on iOS,Android and Microsoft platform). To share you live location, open a conversation(with a friend or group) , tap on the attachment or the pin button in the bottom left corner. Select Location and then tap on Share Live Location. You can decide how long you want to share (15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours) and add a comment if you want before confirming.
Just like messaging and calling on Snapchat, sharing your location is protected by end-to-end encryption. You can also turn it off at any time you want.

Live Location Sharing on Facebook Messenger

Back in March Facebook Messenger also added live location sharing . To use the feature, just open a conversation, tap on the plus icon and then select the Location icon Shown in image below.

Live location Facebook
share your live location on facebook

A map will pop-up, offering the option to share your location with a friend or group for 60 minutes. You can also kill the sharing anytime just by touching “Stop Sharing” at any time.

Live Location Sharing on Google Maps

A complete guide to share you current location on google

Earlier this year Google Maps has also offered a similar feature The location sharing since . To share your live location just open the app and tap on either menu button in the top left corner or the blue dot that represents your location . Select the location sharing option and consider how long you want it to last sharing the location.

With 15 minute and hour-long increments too choose from and an option to keep it running until you manually switch the feature off ,Google Maps seems to offer the most fine-tuning options for how long you want to share your location. Instead of limiting yourself to a single app, you can also share your location with people with your Google contacts.

How to Use Snapchat’s Snap Map to share you live location

complete guide to share your live location

With own unique location sharing solution back in June Snapchat introduced its Snap Map. This feature shows where your friends are on a semi-live map, using blank outline if you don’t have your Bitmoji . You may launch Snap Map, by just opening Snapchat and pinch on the camera screen as if you were zooming out on a picture.
Snap Map is fully customisable, so all your friends can see your location or limit it to just a group of people.

You can also toggle into Ghost Mode if you want to stay hidden, and Snapchat will only update your location when you open the app. In some ways it’s the least invasive option, so if you want someone to know where you are at all times it’s not the best choice.

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