PDFDRIVE-Unlimited PDF file download for free

PDF Drive is one of the best websites to download unlimited PDF files, including books, research papers, stores and others. But, is PDF Drive is legal? How safe it is to download PDF from the PDFDrive? Let’s find the answers.

What is PdfDrive?

We often search for a pdf file for some book, research paper, manuals and other documents on the internet. The best method is to use Google dorks to search for the specific pdf file with the help of Google search engine.

But, how about if I say that there is actually a dedicated search engine for searching and downloading any pdf file for free? Yes, you read it right. PDF Drive is of the best website to download pdf files for free.

What is PDF drive?

PDF Drive is a website useful to search and download pdf files. The website is full of pdf documents available to download for your Kindle and readers.

The website is full of e-books available to download from various genre and categories including books, literature, study materials, computer programming, mathematics, science and many more.


With 83,388,682 and still counting eBooks library, this free pdf download website has a clear and easy to navigate homepage. All the pdfs on the website is classified in categories makes it easy to search and download for the specific pdf ebooks.

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The pdf available on the website is classified as Science, Art, Literature, Computer, design, Biology Social science, research papers and others. Downloading books and ebook in pdf format from the website is quite easy and you don’t need any membership for it.


Is Pdfdrive legal?

Taking about the legality of Pdfdrive is still controversial. Controversial, as the forums and blogs are full of controversial statements about the website. Some of the authors have claimed the website to host their book on the website without their respective permission.

Still, Pdfdrive officials deny the claims as they are not using the books and creations of others to generate revenue. And as per the copyright rules, if you are using the creation of others to generate revenue then and only then it’s is the infringement of copyright.

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In a nutshell, Pdfdrive might be illegal but you are still free to download pdfs from the website as long it’s available on the internet.

Is Pdfdrive safe to use?

It is alleged that Pdfdrive is an illegal website. However, it is yet to prove. Downloading the pdf ebooks from Pdfdrive is safe and you are not going to jail for downloading pdfs from the website.

However, if you notice any pop-up ads on the website, it is always advised to skip it without a click on the luring banners and all. As one click on the wrong link and you will end up either granting permission to some spammy website or installing some kind of adware on your device.

How do I download a book from PDF drive?

Downloading pdf from PDF drive is quite easy and doesn’t need any registration. You simply visit the homepage of the website and search for the name of pdf you want to download.

The search result will return with the most appropriate match for your phrase searched. Click on the desire pdf, download and save it.