‘Patanjali weeds’ Soon may be available in market

‘Patanjali weeds’ Soon may be available in market

Soon we will be listening the word ‘Patanjali‘ and ‘cannabis‘ together.

Yes, if everything goes according to the plan, you will be witnessing guys smoking weeds made my ‘Patanjali


Today CEO of Patanjali  Acharya Balkrishna, revealed in a press conference , how they(Patanjali) have started working on the derivation of marijuana in to medicines and uses of cannabis to manufacture medicines.

scientists, at research centre in Haridwar ,are looking into the benefits of various indigenous plant species and their extracts found in India. They are researching on making useful products from these various indigenous Indian plant species and their extracts.

“since ancient times, In ayurveda, cannabis (hemp) parts for instance, have been in use for medicinal purposes.”- said Balkrishna in an interview. So, ‘Patanjali’ is researching over it to make useful medicines. And the company is approaching AYUSH for this.

Meanwhile if you are excited while reading this and imagining yourself smoking ayurvedic weeds and get high legally in India, then we are afraid to say that however it may be available in markets but it may not help you to get high enough, as the toxic part of weed ‘THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol‘ will not be present or will be below the toxic level.