New Born Dies As Mother Chops Off Extra fingers, Toes

New Born Dies As Mother Chops Off Extra fingers, Toes: There are numerous of couple around who are wishing to have baby. They try all the possible treatment to make baby. Even they don’t hesitate to go to Maulvis(Muslim priest who claim to have some kind of super power which enables them to make everything possible) and Maulana for sake of parenthood. But, on the other hand some people are so rude and mercy less that they don’t even hesitate to kill their own baby.

In a shocking incident a mother killed her own new born baby out of fear that the oddity would hamper the infant’s chance of getting married.

In Khandwa(M.P.), India, a baby child dies after her mother chopped off baby’s extra finger and toes.  

The girl was born on December 22 with six fingers both on hand and toes. 

After being alerted by media reports, the body of the child was exhumed on Saturday for further probe, an official said. 

“The child was born on December 22 to a woman identified as Tarabai in Sundardev village. The woman used a sickle to chop off the infant’s extra fingers and toes. She later coated the injuries with cow dung. Within hours, the infant died and was buried in the village,” Dabar added.

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