Facebook Update, Watch Video With Your Long Distance Partner

Now you can enjoy watching video with your long Distance Friend or Partner

The Billion Dollar Social Media giant Facebook is reportedly working on a video sharing option which will allow all the user online and connected to each other, to watch the same video at once. The all-new feature is called “Watch video together”

According to reports, Facebook Messenger is testing a new feature called “Watch Video Together”. News has leaked from Facebook Headquarter that the feature has already been introduced and tested successfully at the back end.

Soon this “Watch Video Together” will be available for the public and you will be able to enjoy watching the movie and funny videos along with your friend and partner. If you are in a long distance relationship then this feature may give a new warmth to your relationship and help you to come closer.

Facebook watch together
Facebook watch together

What is Watch Video Together of Facebook

Facebook is about to introduce the all-new feature called “Watch Video Together” to regain market access and popularity. But some of the people like me are quite excited to know how exactly Facebook is going to make it happen and the anatomy of  “Watch Video Together”. If you are curious to know the all-new feature from Facebook the Watch Video Together then stay with me and we shall discuss it further.

As per the feature the new Facebook update feature “Watch Video Together” will allow a user to send an invitation to the friend or person with whom he/she want to see a video. Also, the user will be able to chat while watching the video.

Facebook Watch Party

If you are new to this “Watch the video together” update, I would like to here to inform you about the same featured already being rolled out for Facebook Groups across the platform in many countries. In Facebook Groups this feature is called “watch party“.

You can watch the video below to know about hosting a watch party on your Facebook Group for your friend.


This watch party allows Facebook users to watch any specific video on Facebook together with group mates. Once the watch party is started, participants can watch and make a live comment on the video. All the participants in the “watch Party” can even message each one separately. 

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