Whatsapp Backup: How to Restore From Google Drive and Local Storage

WhatsApp backup is very useful utility of the popular messaging app. A backup contains all you photos, videos, audio, and chats which is quite useful when you are switching the device or face any OS error. OK!!



  • WhatsApp automatically backups all your WatsApp data every single night.
  • This backup can be helpful to restore all chats in case of device switching and re-installation of device.

Methods to Create WhatsApp backup restore on my Device?

Whatsapp is configured to make a local backup of all your conversation on WhatsApp including Video, Images, Audio, and Chats. And guess what? this is a automated task which is performed every single night unless you have configure it manually to not to backup your chat. This backup can be quite helpful when you need to recover deleted whatsapp messages or you are switching your device.

whatsapp backup on google drive

You can simply copy the entire backup to your new device and restore all your chat using this backup file. Well there are two method to take a backup of your WhatApp chat.

Local Backup: A local WhatsApp backup restore files is created automatically on your device local which is controlled by default by the application. However you can alter the setting and change the amount of data you want to include in this backup.

You can even make a immediate backup as well. on Android devices you can navigate to internal memory>Whatsapp>database folder to see it yourself. While for Apple users need 3rd party app.

Cloud Backup: Now, just imagine this, “you are using your phone and all of sudden it slips from your hand and fell in to bathtub“, now this is really painful to loose all your conversation from your loved one, you might loose some business chat etc. You cannot recover the data from a dead mobile, not immediately atleast.

whatsapp backup to iphone

Here comes the cloud backup for the rescue. Last year WhatsApp released a new feature called cloud backup. This cloud backup is useful to create WhatAspp chat backup on cloud storage. Android user can backup there WhatApp chat on Google Drive and for Apple user there is iCloud. User can use the backup to restore their chat remotely via internet.

How to restore Whatsapp Backup on iPhone and Android?

Once you have backed up your WhatsApp chats. You can restore them to an iOS or Android .  follow the steps to restore a previous WhatsApp backup to an iPhone or Android:

  1. Connect the iPhone or Android device to your computer via USB.
  2. If it’s an Android device, ensure USB Debugging is enabled. For iPhone, tap on “Trust this Computer” if not already done. Additionally, you also need to turn off “Find My iPhone” from iOS Settings >> iCloud.
  3. Launch iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS on your computer and click on the “WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore” module. If you use encrypted backups in iTunes, you may be required to enter your backup password.
  4. Choose “Restore WhatsApp messages to iOS device” or “Restore WhatsApp messages to Android device” as required.
  5. Click on the Restore button to restore WhatsApp chats from the latest backup available on your computer. If you want to choose a previous backup or selectively restore your WhatsApp chats, click on “To view the previous backup file” link at the bottom.
  6. Click OK on the confirmation prompt and wait for the restore operation to complete.
  7. Once the restore operation is completed, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android device, and restore from the backup when prompted.

Instead of backing up and restoring WhatsApp messages separately, you can even transfer your WhatsApp chats from an iPhone to another iPhone or Android device using the “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” option. This was a complete guide to Make a local Whatsapp Backup and restore on Andorid and Apple.

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