What is Article 13, Is YouTube Going to Delete all My Video

If you are a creator on YouTube then this might be a warning to you as YouTube has recently warned all the creators that their channel might get deleted if the article 13 is get implemented. YouTube is under shock itself and asked all the creators on the platform to keep calm as this time YouTube is with you.

What is Article #13

If you are from These 28 countries including in Asia, Africa or Europe and you earn from YouTube the make sure to read this entire article.

We all use copyright materials in our video, screenshot, music or even Images. According to Article #13 if you have ever used any of these material in your video which lies under standard copyright regulation then probably your Channel might be at peril. Starting from December 12th 2018 YouTube will either stop your video from showing to the viewers or YouTube may take down all of your videos containing copyright material on YouTube.

#Article 13 Might get Your All Video deleted

YouTube itself has initiated a #Saveyourinternet to support all the creators on YouTube. The CEO of YouTube has warned the creators and appealed to came together by following the hash-tag SaveYourInternet.

What is Youtube article 13
What is Youtube article 13

Not only YouTube but all the video platform including Daily Motion Instagram and Facebook video are compromised. All the technical channel, Comedy Channels, Health or almost any category of channel might get down or deleted if the #article 13 is imposed.

Explaining Article #13

According the Copyright law of the European Union, if a video platform contains any kind of copyright materials including image, video, music, name etc. without a legal permissions then it is the violation of Copyright rules and the platform will have to face the consequences. In order to safe them from law and enforcement YouTube and all other platforms are planing to create a filter which will restrict the user from uploading any copyright material on the platform.

Who will be affected from Article 13.


Article 13 restricts all the platforms online who use or share any copyright material on the platform including websites, Social media platform, video streaming platforms, video blogging etc.

To apply Article #13 on all these platforms, they are required to create the Copyright Filter, so once the user tries to upload any copyright content the filter or censor on the platform will not let them do.

Currently all the major Video and Social Media platform are having the filter applied in order to restricted user from uploading any nude or violent content on the internet.

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