Video| Moto E Power Smartphone Explodes while on charging

Video| Moto E Power Smartphone Explodes while on charging

A Motorola Phone explosion news is rapidly getting attention In Haryana Region in India.

According to the User the phone just exploded after it was put on charging for 15 minutes.

The Moto E Power was on the charger for 15 minutes, Yadav the user ,said, posting a video of the phone emitting smoke. Motorola has said that it launched an investigation into the matter.

Recently, a Samsung, Xiaomi and a Reliance Jio phone had battery issues that led to a fire.

according tho the user he had purchased the phone on 20 September, 2016 from online shoping portal Flipkart and used a genuine charger provided by the Motorola.

When I contacted the ¬†customer care to inform about the Explosion, they asked for picture of the exploded phone and damaged property and that there was no response“-said the user.

The accident took place on 24 October morning when the phone was reportedly charged upto 80% and was kept in idle condition. Suddenly Smoke appeared from the Moto E power. The user shocked what to do, just started recording the smoke emitting Moto E power.

Contacting the Customer care, user explained about the accident but the customer care didn’t respond him well as they just assured him about the registration of complain and after the registration he we contacted 2 hours later by Customer care only for images of exploded Moto E power and the details of damages caused by explosion. However the victim has already twitted the following images of the exploded Moto E power several times but no action is taken by Motorola yet.

The image shared by victim shows the device battery damaged with back panel split into two. The damage appears to have affected the bottom part (where the charging port is) of the device.Motorola says it has reached out to the customer and is conducting a probe.

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