8 Udemy Competitors Online Courses and Udemy Alternative

Need to find top Udemy competitors and udemy alternative? Which are the best alternative of Udemy? This article illustrates a list of top Udemy competitor you can use as Udemy alternative.

We shall also find out the pricing of Udemy and other alternatives online courses available for you.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online paid and free course service portal. Udemy is popular for providing digit courses for different professional courses including SEO, Digit marketing, Computer Graphics, Cooking, Electronics, Engineering, and other popular courses to students.


There are other huge ranges of professional courses available on Udemy you can avail. Some course is free to learn and other advanced courses are paid.

According to Udemy, there are 30000+ courses available on the portal detailing various topics.

At, Udemy you will find a different level of course provided in the digital form, either in video content or live sessions.

All the courses are designed and provided by highly trained professionals and experts of different fields of expertise.

Why Udemy Competitors?

In the beginning, Udemy was a competitor free learning portal. Its unique idea of training and user-friendly interface made it popular among the students.

Soon, Udemy was followed by a huge fan base of learners across the world.

But, the market was flooded by other Udemy competitors and other Udemy alternative online learning portals.

Nowadays, there are several other online portals like Udemy which provide you the best online learning platform for free and paid.

Like Udemy, these platforms are identical to Udemy, consists of several other courses.

As we all know the second version of a product is always better than the first one. The same theory is applied to Udemy courses, as some of Udemy competitors seem to provide much better learning experience based on price, course availability, time flexibility, and many more parameters.

However, as per my opinion, there is no substitute to Udemy course, neither any other Udemy competitors stand in the race.

But, still, we have collected a bunch of Udemy alternatives, with the potential of being a Udemy contender.

Top 8 Udemy Competitors and Alternative


Here is the list of top 5 free and paid Udemy competitors you can try as the best Udemy alternative.


Coursera is one of the best contenders of Udemy alternatives. All the courses designed and available on the portal are designed by highly trained and professionals on the portal.

All the professionals have expertise in their subjects and are from top universities.


Coursera has most of the courses for free which is later certified by the portal to add charm to your Resume.

Coursera certificates are recognized at most of the popular institutions. However, there are limited certification courses available on Coursera.

You get certifications on a few of them which do count as credits in technical training and other academic programs.

Portal has limited courses as compared to Udemy but you can still give a try for free courses on Coursera as Udemy alternative.

Coursera has a huge training partner base across the world.

Coursera is free to join for everyone. You can easily access free courses material on Coursera.

Coursera is available in all major countries including India, Australia, China, Japan, Russia, UK, US, Turkey and all.

Courses Available: 3,626 courses

Course type: Mostly Free

Visit: Coursera


Founded by Lynda Weinman in 1995, Later Lynda was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015 and was introduced as an online learning portal.

Lynda was the best offline course provider for several technical and professional courses.

Now all the courses and study materials are moved to LinkedIn training portal.

Lynda is most popular among web developers, graphics designers, IT securities, and WSA(Windows system Administrator) across the world.

All the courses available on Lynda are designed by highly professionals and masters.

With 13,000+ online courses on different subjects and specialized training programs, Lynda is among the best  Udemy competitors.


For the people seeking for courses related to Computer programming, Web development, Digit Marketing, Software developments, and Data Science, Lynda is the best Udemy alternative.

Courses Available: 13,000+ expert-led courses

Course type:  Free & Paid

Visit: Lynda


Udacity, yet another Udemy alternative. Besides, Udacity is limited to a handful of courses. But still, the training partnership with giant tech teaching partners like Google and Facebook, makes it one of the best Udemy competitors for online learning programs.

Udemy alternative udacity

Compared to Udemy, Udacity has many study materials offer to cover a small variety of curses. Udacity is popular for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, and Cloud computing.

If you are interested in the above courses, you are advised to use Udacity as a Udemy alternative. You can find a complete catalog of the training programs available at Udacity.

Courses Available: 3,423 courses

Course type:  Free & Paid

Visit: Udacity


When it comes to IT skills and professional courses for IT industries, QuickStart is the best Udemy competitor.

It provides an AI-based  IT learning and development platform. QuickStart has a huge group of training partners including Microsoft and Amazon.

The best part which makes it the best Udemy alternative is, it has a virtual lab facility where students can see the live results of their experiments.


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With instructor mentoring and discussions with the instructor, unlike other learning platforms. They also provide Virtual labs for experiments.

Sadly QuickStart is not free. It gives you free access to learning courses and classes for 7 days as a trial. This trial period is limited to a few courses and classes.


Once the trial period is off you can subscribe to the full learning program. They have included two flexible paid plans for students,  Learn Subscription and Master Subscription.

Courses Available: No data available

 Course type:  Free & Paid

Visit: QuickStart


SkillShare is the best contender alternative to Udemy. The missing feature in Udemy the DIY projects makes it easy for users to experience by doing the things themselves.

SkillShare is well established for providing professional courses to the students and learners of creative fields like marketing, photography and fine arts, etc.


Notable personalities like fashion designer Marc Ecko and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk are a part of the teaching panel on this site.

Some of the courses are available for free, but for the rest, you will have to pay a small monthly or annual fee to get continuous updates on the same.

Courses Available: No data available

Course type:  Free & Paid

Visit: SkillShare


Simplilearn is a professional certificate curse provider online platform. As compared to Udemy, Simplilearn is the largest online learning platform available for learners and professionals.

However, it doesn’t have a vast variety of courses like Udemy, but you can still give it a try. With a live session, class facility Simplilearn is available to professionals and employees.


PMP, Digital Project ManagerPMP CertificationFoundation and PractitionerCAPM Certification, etc are the popular courses they offer.

Courses Available: No data available

Course type:  Free & Paid

Visit: Simplilearn


Another online portal for IT professionals where they can learn and develop their IT skills including, Software designing, Windows securities, Programming languages and more.

Online IT training that is effective & entertaining. Earn certification or train your team with binge-worthy video courses taught by expert trainers.


Courses Available: No data available

Course type:  Trial & Paid

Visit: ITProTV

8.iHASCO eLearning

iHASCO eLearning is an online training platform for Health & Safety, HR and Compliance Training. They offer plenty of certification courses.

With 200+active members and alumni daily iHASCO eLearning is an online learning portal like Udemy.


Founded in the year 2008, they support a huge range of languages like Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, English, and more.

Courses Available: No data available

Course type:  Trial & Paid

Visit: iHASCO eLearning

9.CXL Institute

CXL Institute provides online courses on digital marketing, conversion optimization, digital analytics, customer acquisition – all in a single subscription.

With top teaching partners like Google and Cisco, CXL Institute is the best alternative of Udemy you can try.


Courses Available: No data available

Course type:  Trial & Paid

Visit: CXL Institute

Other Udemy Alternative Competitors

  • Codecademy
  • HubSpot Academy
  • edX
  • Skillsoft

Final Words:

This was the list of top Udemy competitors you can rely on and use it as Udemy alternative. Few of the courses mentioned above paid and free for a limited time of period. Feel free to comment below about your opinion.