Stop screenshot alert on Instagram

Stop Instagram screenshot alert and take the screenshot of Instagram When you take a screenshot of an Instagram story, users get notified about the screenshot. How to Stop screenshot alert on Instagram and take a snapshot silently?

while scrolling down to Instagram it is usual to take a screenshot of your favourite wallpaper, the dress you liked, maybe spying on a person, etc. But do you know every time you take a screenshot on Instagram, The person gets a notification that someone has just click a screenshot of their post or story.

Screenshots of Instagram Stories?

People often take screenshots of your Instagram stories and posts. Some are legit and others are not. But, thanks to Instagram, it’s designed to notify you every time someone takes a screenshots of your Instagram story.

Is it Legal to take Screenshot of Instagram Story?

If you are a hardcore Instagram user and have millions of followers, you probably don’t bother about people taking the screenshot of your Insta story. But, if the screenshot is going to depend on that screenshot than you might be concerned to this.

No, taking a screenshot of anyone’s Instagram story is not legal and you might face the legal consequences for that. But still, you don’t have to bother about it as the moment you share something in the public domain or social sites, it already public.

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However, you can still sue, if you find someone using a screenshot of your Instagram story for commercial purposes.

If you are a regular Instagram spy or you like to take a screenshot of your favourite start, the people possessing the profile will get an alert about your activity on their profile. Despite the changes, it is worth noting that there are still ways to screenshot Stories without getting detected.

Instagram screenshot alert | people get notified when you take a screenshot of their Stories, Know how to stop it!!


This is the notification they get when you take a screenshot of people on Instagram
This is the notification they get when you take a screenshot of people on Instagram

How to Stop Instagram From Sending Screenshot Notification?

The question is?  Is there any way to take a screenshot silently on Instagram?? The answer is yes!! you can.

Follow these steps to stop screenshot alert on Instagram,

  • scroll the desired post and zoom it.
  • put your phone on flight mode
  • take a screenshot and turn flight mode off.
  • Bingo!! congratulations!! now you have got the screenshot and you know what? No, one knows about this.

However, Instagram officials are working to fix this hack. Till then you may enjoy it!! [/sociallocker]


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