Standard Youtube License and Creative Common License | Know The Difference

Standard Youtube License and Creative Common License are the types of video and content licensing system of Youtube. But, have you ever wondered what is the difference between a standard license and a Creative Commons license on Youtube? Well, here is a detailed guide about the license of a Youtube content and how does it work.

What is Standard Youtube License and Creative Common License?

Standard youtube license
Understanding Standard youtube license and Common Creative License

YouTube License

When it comes to Youtube license, Youtube offers you to select the type of license you want to mark your uploads with. A standard Youtube license can have more rights and authorities while the Creative common license can let others repromote and use your content on youtube. Two major types of license on Youtube are:

  1. Standard Youtube License
  2. Creative Commons License

1. Standard Youtube License

Youtube is a video sharing platform and has its own licensing system. A Standard Youtube License is a permission set by the owner of the video on Youtube. This license gives you complete control over the distribution, copy, and usages of the video content.

Youtube Standard License

If a creator selects the license type “Standard Youtube License” while uploading the video, it gives the broadcasting rights to YouTube. This means the creator has given full control of the video to Youtube to broadcast the video on the platform.

Video with Standard Youtube License is not subjected to edit, change or reupload. Using a video of a Youtube creator with Standard Youtube License is always subjected to copyright and the owner of the video has a complete right to take legal actions against you. While a creative commons license is a bit different from this.

2. Creative Commons License

A Youtube video with a Creative Commons License is less effective than a Standard Youtube License. While uploading a video on Youtube if the creator selects the license type as “Creative Commons License” that means anyone can use the video to reproduce, edit and change.

youtube Creative Commons License

A video with Creative Commons License on Youtube is subjected to edit, compile, reproduce the entire video or part of the video by the other creators on Youtube.

There are two types of Creative common licensed video on Youtube:

  1. Credited video: A credited Youtube Creative Commons License video is available to reuse by other creators, but still, you need to mention the name of the original owner of the video on the description while uploading the video or part of the video.
  2. Credit free video: Also know as Royalty-free video. These videos are free to use, edit and licensing. A creator can use a royalty-free video without mentioning the owner of the video. As the name suggests itself, you don’t have to give the creation of the video to the original owner of the video.

Standard YouTube License vs. Creative Commons

As we learn a detailed story of a standard Youtube license and Creative Commons license on Youtube. Let’s learn the core difference between the two types of Youtube video licenses. what is the difference between a Standard Youtube license and a Youtube creative commons license?

Youtube Standard License vs creative commons license

While uploading the video on Youtube, the creator can choose the license type for the video. Selecting a standard youtube license gives Youtube complete broadcasting rights to youtube.

Means, the video is subjected to Youtube standard policies nad falls under the Youtube broadcasting rules. Youtube can use and broadcast a Youtube standard licensed video anywhere in the world.

A Standard Youtube license gives broadcasting rights to Youtube and not the other Youtubers.

Meanwhile, if a creator decided to choose a license type as “creative commons”. The creator allows other Youtubers to use their video to reproduce another video using the video or part of the video.

A creative commons video can be used to reproduce another video by using the video or part of the video. So, if you are a Youtube, you can search for videos marked as CC on Youtube and use these videos to produce a new video for your channel.

How to check a video license type

If you are a creator on Youtube and want readymade footage to use in your videos for references, then here is good news for you. You can actually use a creative commons licensed video in your videos to reproduces a new video without any copyright violation. Here is how you can check the license type of a Youtube video.

How yo check the license of a Youtube video:

  • Open or Youtube app.
  • Search and play the video.
  • OPen the description of the video for license type.
  • You can easily determine the license of the video.

A standard Youtube licensed video is subjected to the copyright of the owner but creative commons licensed video is free to reuse. However, you may need to give the credit to the original owner.

Youtube License: Final Words

An online content licensing system has a different significance for the creator and owner of the video. A personal video, music or a blog may have different license types for redistribution, edition, reproduction, and many more. Well, Youtube has it’s own licensing system for videos on the platform. A youtube video can have a Standard YouTube license or Creative common-licenses.