WhatsApp Privacy Update: Prevent People From Adding in Group

The Billion dollar and Million user, instant messaging application WhatsApp has introduced a most awaited and must have update which can help you to prevent people from adding you in WhatsApp group without your consent. Gone the days when you were forcefully joined to the group and there was no option to prevent people from adding you to such groups. Things was worst in some case when you were re-added to the group after you left.


Now WhatApp has come forward to help their user where the can control if you want to be added in a group or not. In order to protect your privacy, WhatsApp had a restrict group admin feature which doesn’t help a lot.


  • The new feature is called Group privacy setting
  • This will restrict people from adding you into WhatsApp group

If you are fed up of your family or friend Group on Whatsapp and there seems no way to get out of it. Except muting the group notification there was no other option to avoid these groups. Every time you try to leave the group, the Admin adds you back in. This new WhatsApp privacy update may put a smile on your face.


The new WhatsApp update will let you chose if you want to join the group or not. You can even report the group as spam and done! . Your admin will never be able to add you in the group again. To enable it you need to change some settings in your WhatsApp privacy.

You can choose from the options including Friend, Anyone or only a few contacts who can add you to any group. This new update will be available for Android and iOS users by Wednesday.


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