Lake Drained in India after HIV+ Woman’s Body found Floating

However there is not any scientific reason to be panic because the virus cannot survive so long to contaminate anybody and technically it is impossible to get infected with +HIV even if your consume the water from the lake.

BENGALURU, India: A lake in silicon city of India, Karnataka, was drained out after the villagers protested and refused to use the water from the lake for their daily usages after they found a half eaten dead body of a 21 year girl floating in the same lake.

The woman in her late twenties was reportedly suffering from HIV, and was found dead in the lake. After villagers discovered the half eaten body of the women who is infected from HIV, they refused to use the water from the lake. The body was said to be half eaten by the fish on the lake.

Government insisted people to not to panic as they cannot get HIV by consuming hte water from the same lake. As the HIV virus cannot survive above 25 degree centigrade temperature for a while and secondly the lake is huge enough to get infected.

Left with no other option, officials then deployed 20 siphon tubes with four motors to pump out the water.

Water from the sprawling lake was pumped out on Wednesday evening, after which it will be cleaned and then filled with water from Malaprabha canal.

The lake is a key source of drinking water for more than 1,000 people who live in the area.

Dr Nagraj – Director of the Rajiv Gandhi institute of Chest and Communicable Diseases – claimed there was no scientific basis for their panic. “It’s wrong to believe that the water has been contaminated with HIV because studies show that the virus cannot survive for over eight hours in water if exposed to temperatures above 25 degrees centigrade. Now, it’s been over six days since the body was recovered,” he said.