How to unsend message whatsapp on iOS and Android

How to unsend message whatsapp on iOS and Android

The must awaited and expected feature of world’s most popular messenger app Facebook’s owned whatsapp has finally added the ability to delete those embarrassing messages you sent by mistake before your contact has had a chance to read them. The best part is that the feature will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users.

WhatsApp warns that you can only recall texts up to seven minutes after sending them. Once that limit has passed, there is no way to purge the content of a text.

WhatsApp users with fingers moving faster than their brain will be happy to know the company’s rolling out a new feature that lets you retract that last message, and wipe it from the conversation. Right now the feature is rolling out to certain users, according to reports.

The new feature will be called ‘Delete for everyone’ and will be available to use for both messages sent to group and individual chats. The company says that all purged texts will be replaced with a ‘This message was deleted’ notice.

WhatsApp and have ‘Delete for everyone’ enabled.
WhatsApp and have ‘Delete for everyone’ enabled.

How to unsend message whatsapp for iOS and Android

Users can follow these steps to check whether ‘Delete for everyone’ has landed on their phone:

  • Goto Whatsapp messenger on your phone(Android,iOS,Windows)
  • Tap and hold on the message in question. The extended options should show up at the top of your screen. Please note that you can optionally select more than one messages to delete multiple texts at the same time.
  • Type and send the message.
  • Now tap and hold on the message you sent and let it get selected as you usually do to forward or copy the message.
  • now here comes the trick : find if there is any option for delete for all/everyone or the trash bin
  • If yes theno Bing! you can now “unsend” the message.
  • If no , don’t worry, what you have to do, is to wait for the next update and you surely gonna get this new “unsend” option. 



In order to successfully wipe messages, both the sender and the recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp and have ‘Delete for everyone’ enabled. WhatsApp won’t notify senders in case the deletion request has failed. So you will have to keep an eye out.

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