How To Block Devices Connected To My WiFi

No one wants to share their bandwidth with others. But sometimes comes the situation when you are imposed to share your WiFi password unwillingly. But have you ever wonder if you could block the person from using your WiFi without letting them know or disconnecting their device. Yes, Do you want to know how to block devices connected to WiFi router?

Stick to the article and at the end you will know the simple trick to  block device on WiFi network and restrict from using the bandwidth.

The best part is the device you are restricting on your WiFi, won’t even know about the incident. They will stay connected to your WiFi although. But, they won’t be able to use your internet. Surprised?? me too. lets head to the main article and find a way to stop someone from using my WiFi connection.

Things we need to Block Device From WiFi

  • But, before we begin we will require the MAC address of the device you want to block. You can follow this steps to Find the MAC address of Laptop or PC. Before you get panic I must tell you, you don’t need the MAC of the other device but the MAC of the device you are using will do the job.
  • You should have access to the admin panel of your Router you are using for WiFi. Typically the user name and password of the Router Admin page is “admin“. You can follow this guide to find local IP address to access router login page.

Once you are ready with all this. Time to go to the next step. and know how to block devices connected to WiFi router. follow the steps below.

Block device on WiFi network

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    1. Login to your Router admin page by entering your local IP address. You can follow the tutorial to find your Local IP address. in most cases it is
    2. Enter the User name and Password of your Router admin page.
    3. Once successfully logged in to admin panel. Head to Wireless option on left panel.
    4. Now click on Wireless MAC Filtering.Block-device-on WiFi-network-tplink
    5. Click on Enable the MAC filter. Ignore if already Enabled.
    6. Now go back to the left Panel and click on Wireless Statistics.

  1. Here you will find the MAC address of all the devices connected to the Router.Block-device-on WiFi-network-2
  2. To block device on WiFi network, Simply click on deny button.

Note: Be careful while blocking the MAC address. If you accidentally block your own MAC, you won’t be able to access the admin page of your Router. Better you keep your MAC address handy and stay focused while denying the MAC to block internet access.

This was the simple article about how to block devices connected to WiFi router and keep they away from sucking your bandwidth. This method is explained on TP-Link router but it can also work to block device on DLink router as well.

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