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How to reset windows 8 password without disk and Software

Now a days everyone is concerned about the data security and privacy. The funny part is no one is feeling private and secure.  The situation get worst when we end up setting complicated passwords on simple devices and apparently forget it. Yes, I am talking about your Windows Password which you have forgot and now you need to bypass windows password.


In order to reset Windows password there are several windows 8 password reset software which claim to reset windows 8 password without disk Which I bet are not going work for you. Microsoft spends billion of dollar to ensure your protection. Cracking a Windows Password to by pass login screen is not an easy task. But, still I will try to help you out to reset windows 8 password using command prompt.

Stick to the article and we will find couple of methods to reset Windows Password.

How to reset Windows Password using Command Prompt “CMD”

This step requires a advance knowledge of Dos Console and in order to so called “hacking the Windows password”  you need to enter the dos console using a loop-hole in Microsoft Windows security system. Don’t panic  will explain each step with illustration, hope this may help you to reset your forgotten windows password and set a new one without entering old password.

Steps to reset Windows forgotten password using cmd

Preparation : You will need a recovery of Windows operating system in case if you are locked to your system Windows and don’t have any recovery disk or USB. It’s OK you can create it using your friends computer to create one: Follow this guide How to create a recovery Disk in Windows.

Now once you are ready with Recovery disk you can proceed to next steps below


  • Here select Advanced option and click on the command prompt


  • Once you are at command prompt make sure to know the name of the partition where you have installed Windows.
  • Determining the Windows installed partition:  If you are not sure about the name of the partition which you have used to installed the Windows  operating system then follow the steps below else jump to the next step.


  • Type Diskpart in Dos Console and press enter. This will open a new console. 
  • Now type the following line.
List vol


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  • This will Display the list of all the partition on you physical disk/ Internal hard disk.
  • Once you have determined the name of the partition you are ready to go.
  • Type exit and press enter to exit Diskpart console and return to Command/Dos console.
  • Now back to command prompt. Type the following line one by one. Make sure to press enter key after entering each line.

  1. D:(Replace D: with the name of partition your Windows is installed on)
  2. cd windows
  3. cd system32
  4. ren Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.bak
  5. copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe

rename Utilman.exe

This command is used to replace the existing Utility manager aka Ease of Access.

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  • Remove the Recovery Key and reboot you computer using internal memory(normal Boot).
  • Now once you are at the password Screen. Click on “Ease of Access” at the lower left corner.

Windows login screen

  • Usually this opens the utility manager which allows user to access magnifier, narrator etc. But, since we have replaced it with cmd.exe. This will open Command prompt.
  • Once you are at the Command prompt type net user and press enter
  • This will display all the users on Windows.
  • Look carefully for the name of user you want to remove the password for. In this example we will remove password for user called Somnio360


Enter the command below to reset a lost or forgotten password.

  • In this example, we will be changing Somnio360’s password to 00000000. You must change the user name with your own user name as displayed on login screen.
    net user Somnio360 00000000
  • Type exit and press enter. This will take you back to login screen.

Enter the new password here and Bingo!! You have just removed the Windows 8 Password

After getting into Windows , please remember to rename the Utilman.exe.bak back to Utilman.exe.

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