How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode or Chrome Night Mode easily

How you can enable the dark mode on Google Chrome for Windows

Are you bored of traditional Google Chrome-look, and want to enable Chrome Dark Mode for your Windows?  Then this article will guide you through all the possible settings to enable night mode on Google Chrome.


  • Dark mode allows you to browse you in an eye relaxed color texture.
  • Chrome has introduced Dark Mode with Chrome 74 version.

Enable Chrome Dark Mode

Chrome has finally got the most anticipated feature called “Dark mode” or “Night mode“. Google has officially announced all-new Dark mode for Chrome for Windows and Android as well.

With the latest release version 74.0.3729.112 of Chrome, you can enable Chrome dark themes and browse in dark mode.

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There are several methods to enable the chrome dark mode on Windows and Android. This article will guide you through all the methods to enable dark mode for your Chrome on Windows.

Methods to Enable Chrome Dark Mode

There are three proven methods to enable night mode in Chrome. You can use either method to make your Chrome browser dark and experience browsing the internet in the dark mode as you usually do on other browsers.

  • Adding prefix to Enable Chrome Dark mode
  • Enabling Dark mode using Setting
  • Enable Dark mode using Chrome Extension

Method 1.

This method requires some or a bit advanced level of computer skill and I know all my readers are smart enough to figure it out.

This method is used to create a shortcut on your desktop for Chrome using a custom command line. While creating a shortcut for Chrome add the following line after chrome.exe:

Enable Dark Mode Chrome


The new chrome shortcut should look like as shown in the image below. You can also edit the existing Chrome shortcut icon and add the following line to the chrome command line. Save the Shortcut and your Chrome is ready to open in dark mode by default.

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If this method doesn’t seem to work for you. You may need to add another line to the chrome shortcut in order to enable chrome dark mode.

Follow the method as explained above and add the following lines after the chrome.exe.


--enable-features=WebUIDarkMode --force-dark-mode

Enable Chrome Dark Mode

Save the shortcut and this will open Chrome dark mode by default whenever you click on the icon.

Method 2.

This method to enable night mode in Chrome requires to install a black theme for Chrome. However, if you have a low-performance PC or Laptop, it is not recommended to use this method. Installing a custom theme may put an extra load on your browser.

But, if your Windows is running on 4+GB RAM, you can follow this method to enable Chrome dark mode.

  • Goto setting by click on the vertical dots(…) on the upper right corner of the Chrome Browser.
  • Click on the Theme tab on the setting page. This will open Chrome extension page.
  • Now search for “Just Black” and click to enlarge the theme.
  • Click on the add to chrome button to install the dark theme on Chrome.

enable chrome dark mode

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This was a complete guide to enable chrome dark mode for Windows. You can follow this tutorial to enable dark mode for Apple and Android as well.

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