Dina Sanichar, The Real Mowgli Raised By Wolves in Jungle

Dina Sanichar, The Real Mowgli Raised By Wolves in Jungle:The word “Man-cub” sounds familiar, right? This word was used to describe a child who was raised in jungle by wolfs. A fiction story character of a book “The Jungle Book” written by “Rudyard Kipling“.

A infant was raised and grown up in jungle by a group of wild Wolfs, when a Tiger killed the parent of the boy while they were crossing to the Jungle. The book “The jungle Book” was published in 1894 and the word “Man-Cub” was used to describe that little boy in the story.

Recently Netflix has released a movies called “Mowgli” based on this fiction book by “Rudyard Kipling

But Would you believe me if i say that the character “Mowgli” is not a ficiton but a true character from India. The name of this “desi” Mowli is Dina Sanichar. Who actually lived in the wood of  Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh in India.

Dina Sanichar, the Indian Boy Raised by Wolves
Dina Sanichar, the Indian Boy Raised by Wolves

Dina Sanichar Story of Real Mowgli:

Lets take a dive into the time and go to year 1867, Location  Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh in India. I group if forest hunters was shocked to see the group of Wolfs before them. No, no its was completely normal for them to encounter such pack of wild animals coming from no where. The Glimpse which shook then in thunder was, a unnatural character accompanying the pack of wolfs.

Yes this creature was not any alien or a ghost, but a human child about 6-years old who was how ever a human but behaving a even walking like a real wolf. He was grunting and running behind the pack of wolfs and walking on all his four limps.It appeared that the boy had been adopted and raised by the wolves.

Later on the, a hunter family went to the cave of that wolf and rescued the boy from Wolfs by killing the female wolf.

The boy was later brought to  Sikandra Mission Orphanage near Agra in India. At the orphanage, run by Father Erhardt, a missionary living in India, he was baptized and since it was a Saturday, named Sanichar, Hindi for Saturday. It has been documented that Father Erhardt observed, “He cannot talk, and though undoubtedly pagal (imbecile or idiotic), still shows sign of reason, and sometimes actual shrewdness”