Difference Between TF Card and SD card

Have you ever heard of TF Cards? What is TF card and how is it related to Standard SD-Card? What is the difference between TF and SD cards? Well, there are several other questions we are going to explore in this article including the history of modern TF and SD card.

What is TF card?

TF Card is the abbreviation of TransFlash Card. SanDisk, popular memory cards and thumb drive manufacturing company, introduced TF Cards in the year 2004.

Basically, TF cards are micro digital cards, close to the size of your thumb, Also the worlds’ smallest memory card.  These cards can be used in any modern smartphone, iPods, PDA, Digital cameras and other smart gadgets that have a memory card facility.

Recently, Amazon, a popular online shopping site has introduced a TF card of 265GB data capacity. This is the maximum capacity of a standard TF card till this article is being written.

The volume of TF card is 15 mm x 11 mm x 1mm.

What is Micro SD Card?

By now, we know the history and usages of standard TF cards. Now we shall discuss Micro SD cards.

microSD card also known as Micro Secure Digital Card is a flash drive introduced in the year 2004. Micro SD card is the same as a TF card. The basic difference between a micro SD card is the dimension of them a typical micro SD card measures 24x32x22mm in dimension.

Back then before they introduce the TF cards, micro SD-cards were widely used in devices like smartphones, digital cameras, and others.

Differences between TF Card and Micro SD card

Differences between TF Card and Micro SD card

Now, we know the basics of TF card and a micro-SD card. It’s time to know the difference between TF Cards and Micro SD cards.

As you have read above, these both are the type of memory cards also know as different names, TransFlash, TF, T-Flash, MicroSD, and MicroSDHC.

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Apart from the name, there are no other differences between these card types. However, The dimension and supported memory capacity can distinguish the difference between them.

  1. A microSD card can support up to 32 GB whereas a TF card can hold a maximum capacity of 256 GB.
  2. The other difference between TF cards and micro SD cards is the data transfer speed.
  3. The security segment in the SD card has a switch, but this function is not available on TransFlash. And the TF card can be converted to an SD card by an adapter.
  4. Memory size availability – TF card up to 128GB, and SD card up to 2TB.
  5. TF Cards have a class defined as  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc. These classes determine the speed of data transferring to or from the card. Whereas, micro SD cards have a fixed data transfer rate.

Besides these differences, there is no other significant difference between TF cards and SD cards.

Some questions related to Memory cards.

1. Can I use a TF cards in a device that is built for micro- SD cards?

Ans: Yes! You can use TF card in a micro SD card supported device. All you need a cardholder available online to hold your TF-card inside. Also, make sure to use the same capacity of TF-card as your device supports.

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