Difference Between 64 Bit and 34 Bit Windows

What is the difference between a 32Bit windows and 64Bit Windows and which one is better? If you are a Windows user then you must be aware of the Windows versions including 64-bit and 32-bit. Microsoft still releases the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 10. But in-spite of fact there are several reasons why you should always consider buying 64 Bit Windows Operating system over 32 Bit Windows.

64 Bit vs 34 Bit Windows what is the basic difference?

The 32-bit version of Windows is also known as the “x86” version of Windows, while the 64-bit version is also known as the “x64” version.

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You might have noticed that all the major Windows operating system is always launched in two versions, Windows 32bit, and Windows 64bit. But, what is the difference between a 32 bit Windows operating system and 64 bit Windows operating system? Which is better for your computer/PC. Whats is the significance of all these versions of  Windows and why Microsofts always launch two different versions of Windows?

Back then 2006 before the release of 64-bit version Windows there were Atom CPU which was typically able to support RAM more than 4GB. Early versions of the CPU underpowered Intel Atom CPU line was just 32-bit CPUs. But those were so slow when they were released that it’s very unlikely many people are still using those discount netbooks and tablets today.


After the release of Intel’s first big 64-bit consumer CPU with Core 2 Duo in 2006 and AMD  64 in 2003, all the PC was compatible with a 64-bit version of Windows.

Why You Should Install the 64-bit Edition Windows

So, the question is under what conditions it is better to Installed 64-bit Windows than. Here are some basic points which will let you consider and understand you better.

  • A typical 32 bit Windows is limited to 4GB RAM. Means no matter how large your RAM is, if you have installed a 32 bit Windows you won’t be able to use all of your RAM.

  • The PC running on 64-bit Windows version can run the 32-bit application but a 32-bit version of Windows is unable to run 64-bit application. For example, if you want to play the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V and many other PC games released in the last few years, you’ll need a 64-bit version of Windows. 

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  • Most graphics card manufacturers including NVIDIA has discontinued the production of 32-bit Graphics card. Which means if you are a hardcore gamer or love to do Graphics stuffs on your computer. Well, this is a beautiful reason to always install 64-bit Windows on your PC/Laptop.
  • 64-bit versions also have a number of useful security features that 32-bit versions of Windows just don’t.

Check Whether You’re Using 64-bit or 32-bit Windows

It is quite simple to check the current version of Windows installed on your computer. If you are using a standard keyboard, just press Windows key+Pause.

Difference Between 64 Bit and 34 Bit Windows

This will display the system property. Here you can see the Installed edition of your current Windows along with the bit.(see image above)


If you are fond of old school 8-bit games and still love to play you may go for 32-bit Windows. But if you are a tech enthusiast and do much more with your computer or Laptop, 64-bit is the best choice for you.

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