Blogger and Wordpress Theme detector[Solved]

How to know the Theme of a Blogger or Wordpress website? All bloggers and Website owners use different themes for their websites. The most two major popular platforms for blogging are Blogspot or Blogger and Wordpress. These two platforms provide a handy and easy-to-use interface to help a user to create a website or blog simply. But, How to Find CMS, Platform or Technology used by a Website?

What is CMS(Content Management System)

A Content Management System, or CMS, is a piece of software designed to help users create and edit a website. It’s important to note, however, CMS does much more than help manage the text and image content displayed on webpages.

They have evolved to help design the look of websites, track user sessions, handle searches, collect visitor comments, host forums and much more.

Find the Platform of a Website is built with

Anyone with a little bit of advanced knowledge of computers can create a website on these platforms.

You are not required to learn coding, programs, and all other computer languages to create your website when you are on Blogger or WordPress.

With an easy-to-customize tool and simply Drag-Drop method, they give you full control over your website’s look, design, widgets and many more.

But, While customizing your website to make it more attractive and beautiful you will need a decent theme.

Difference between Blogger and WordPress Theme

A blog theme is a pre-customized pack of codes that, when applied to a blog or website, gives your website a beautiful and trendy look.

With a built-in stylish menu, Widgets, Nav-bars, and many more options, you can make your website look better and suitable as per your requirements.

Most of bloggers and website owners use themes or templates to make the website more attractive and customized as per their requirements.

As it is easy to use and anyone with basic image and text editing knowledge can design their website with little or no assistance.

Note: A WordPress theme is called WordPress theme and Blogger themes are Known as templates. Basically, Template and Theme are the same but they are named differently as per the platform.

Also, there are separate files and codes for WordPress theme and Blogspot or Blogger Template. In short, you can’t use a theme on Blogger which is designed for WordPress, and a template that is designed for Blogger is designed to be used in Blogger or BlogSpot only.

How to Find CMS, Platform or Technology used by a Website

If you are a Blogger or Website owner, you look to a website in a different way. Besides the article and post on the website, web designers also look for the design and customization used on the websites. right?

Sometimes, these websites are way more beautiful and fantastic that lures us to use the same theme and design for our own website.

But, sadly you don’t know the theme or the Template used for that website. So, here is a simple method to detect the Theme and Template of a website.

But for that, you may require to know the platform of a website.

This means on which platform a website is built-on. Either it’s Blogger or WordPress.

How to Know The Theme of a WordPress Website

Wordpress Theme detector
Wordpress Theme detector

Using is the most popular and easy-to-use online service to detect the theme of any website. Just simply copy and paste the homepage Url in the search box and hit enter.

This will display you all the details of the theme used to design the given website. This will also display you all the details of the theme, like whether it’s a paid or free version of the Theme.

In addition, you can also see a demo of the theme and if you like it you can directly go to the Homepage of the theme to download or purchase the theme to use.

Blogger and Wordpress Theme detector-3
you can also see a demo of the theme and if you like it you can directly go to the Homepage of the theme to download or purchase the theme to use

How to Know Template of a Blogger or Blogspot

Blogger Theme detector
Blogger Theme detector

Unlike Wordpress, Detecting a Blogger theme is quite tricky. But, Don’t worry I am here to make it so simple.

Just follow the steps below and you will learn to detect the template of a Blogspot website or blog.

This is the most popular and easy method to know about the template of a Blogger website.

Steps to detect the Template of a blogger website

  • Let the homepage of a website load Completely. A typical homepage looks like this
  • Once the homepage is fully loaded right-click on an empty space of the website.
  • Find View Source in the drop-down menu and click. This will open a new page displaying codes HTML tags.
  • Now press ctrl+F key on this newly opened page. This will open a new search box on the upper right corner of your browser.
  • Type  “Blogger Template” or “Blogger Template Style ” in the search box and hit enter.
  • If everything goes well, you will find the exact name of the Template used in the blogger. Google for the name and download. (see image below)
Know Blogger template name
you will find the exact name of the Template used in the blogger.

Other Tools to Find the CMS Platform and Theme name of a Website

There are several other tools that can be used to know the theme name of a WordPress website or the template name of a blogger website.

The fun part is, all the tools featured here are free to use and don’t need any special training or skill. Simply copy-paste the URL of the website you want to know the platform of and press go.

The built-in algorithm will automatically detect and return you a result of all the information of the websites including the Platform of a Website, The CMS technology a website is using, All the plugins a WordPress website is using and the name of the theme of the website or template the website is using.

No, matter if the website is using a blogger template or WordPress theme. These tools can simply detect the platform and the technology of any website.

So, let us talk about the website to detect the theme and template of a website.

1. CMS Detector

CMS Detector is one of the best online tools to detect the platform and CMS(Content Management System) of the website.

Easy to use online tools designed to detect the CMS platform and theme name of a website. No matter the website is built with WordPress or Blogger.

This tool can also find the theme name of a WordPress website or the template name of a blogger website.

2. W3Techs (Popular and Highly Effective)

W3Techs is another popular online tool to find the name of a WordPress website theme and blogger template. Unlike other theme detection tools, W3Techs can detect the following information of a website.


  • Website background

The description of the website includes the tag line, Alexa RAnking, and other related information of a WordPress or Blogger website.

  • Content Management Systems

The platform and Management system used to create the website like WordPress and Blogger etc.

  • Server-side Programming Language

The server language is used to interact with the website and hosting server including the version.

  • Client-side Programming Language
  • Markup Language
  • Image File Formats
  • Site Elements
  • Advertising Network
  • Server Location

And many more..

3. WhatCMS

WhatCMS is quite useful and easy to use CMS detector online tool. You can use WHtaCMS to detect the platform of a website, CMS technology a website is using.

Type of CMS either WordPress or Blogger and in addition, you can also know the name of the theme of WordPress website.



This tool has a separate dro-down menu to select from the type of tool you need to use. You can select the option to detect Wordpress Theme name, Detect CMS platform of a website and the Server location of a website.

4. BuiltWith– Website Theme and CMD lookup

BuiltWith-“Find out what websites are built With“. As the tag line suggests itself that the tool is used to know the CMS platform and other information about a website.

This tool can tell you a lot of information about a website.



  • Website Platform and the CMS technology of a website.
  • Ad network used to monetize the Website content.
  • If the Website is built on Wordpress CMS then it can also display the list of plugins are used in the Wordpress theme.
  • Theme Name of the Wordpress website.

Chrome Extension to Detect WordPress Theme and Plugins

This was a list of online tools you can use to detect the themes and plugins a WordPress website is using. But, do you know that there is a dedicated chrome extension that allows you to detect the themes and plugins a WordPress website is using?

This free plugin not only detects the themes and plugins a website is using but also helps you to know whether a website is built using WordPress or not.

This simple extension makes it easy for you to know the theme name and plugins the WordPress website is using just by clicking on the chrome extension.

Conclusion:  Using these theme detection methods you can detect almost all the these and templates used on Wordpress and Blogger. Go to the respective download page and download the theme or Template and use them on your website. Be careful while using a theme or template from some untrusted sources as they may inject your entire website from the virus.

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