5 Amazing Android TV Trick They don’t Tell You While Buying

The most less known Android TV trick to get more out of your Smart TV.

Do you own a smart TV or planning to buy Android. Well, Android TV is the next big revolution in the Entertainment industry. Android Smart TV is set to take the world by storm over the next few years. No matter what brand(Mi Smart TV, Samsung, LG, etc.) or size of TV you use.

In such this is the best time to invest in a new Android TV. No matter you own a Smart TV now or planing to buy one. This article will definitely help you to know some amazing Android TV trick they don’t tell you at store.

Some how, Android is going to rule the world. Ins spit of there are another version of Smart TVs Available in market. Android TV is going to do the same as Android smart phones did to the Smart phones.

So, its better to get prepared. Here is the collection of some amazing Android TV trick you probably did’t know about.

Android TV Trick
Android TV Trick

Amazing Android TV Trick I They don’t Tell You at Store.

Some of these trick are well known but others are still to explore. Most users limit their Android TV to Mirror and Chrome Cast. But the fact is you can do many more thing with your Android smart TV.

1.Run Android Apps in the Play Store

A typical Android TV comes with some limited pre-installed applications. YouTube, Video streaming services, and some other couple of application. But you can still install all Android applications on your Android TV as it were your Smartphone.


If you are new to Smart TV, it may disappoint you that there are only few application on Android TV play store you can actually install on your Android TV. Since, in order to run the application on Android TV,the coding of the Android application is to be different than on Android phone.

This coding restriction limits the use and availability of Android phone application on Android TV. But with this Android TV Trick you can install and use all Android application on your TV.

Install any apps from Play store on Android TV:

In order to install other apps currently not available in Play Store on Android TV. You can use web based Play store to install any app from Play Store. Simply open chrome on your Smart TV and visit web version of Play Store. Search for the app and press install.

This Android TV trick can be used to install any app from play store on your Android TV, including Games, and even paid application.

2.Perform Voice Search

We all use Voice Search function to search for places, queries  perform task, making calls and many more. The impact and significance of Voice Search can’t be ignored in today’s era.


Do you know that the Android TV you use to play and watch videos can also act on your voice command. Most of the Android TV remotes are equipped with this little mic button to voice search feature for your Android TV. Just press the little mic button on your Android TV remote and speak your query.

you can also activate the search feature from within individual apps if you want to limit your results, but the universal search is the better option in most cases.

3. Use Your Xbox or PS4 Controller With Android TV

Most of the Android phones come with game controller. So, before you plan to buy an Android TV make sure to check for the game controller. This may save you from further guilt.

use android tv to play xbox games
use andorid tv to play xbox games

However, if you have already purchased the Smart TV and now you are missing Game controller, no worries. You can always buy a bluetooth controller on Amazon, and pair your Xbox or PS4. Click here to check current price.

4. Expand Your Smart TV Storage

Some Android Tvs are extreme cheap in price, Mi A4 Android TV, Benq smart TV, LG Smart TV. This price cut leads to some compromises including low memory and low small size of internal storage. But, you know you can use this amazing Android TV trick to expand your Smart TV internal storage. All you need is a external USB drive or microSD card.

To Use MicroSD to Expand Smart TV internal storage:


  • Insert External USB flash drive or MicroSD card to your TV.
  • Go to Settings>Storage and Reset.
  • Select the storage device.
  • Click setup as internal storage.
  • Format to complete the process.

Now your External memory is ready to be used as Smart TV’s Internal Storage.

5 Use your Smartphone as Android TV Remote

If your house is a mess as mine. This amazing Android TV trick may be a life saving for you. If you end up  missing your TV remote and need to struggle seeking for remote every time you want to watch your TV. You can use your Smartphone as TV remote.

Most of the smartphone are available with on IR blaster with in-built infrared receiver. You can use this to operate your Smart TV directly from your smartphone.


Mi smartphones are equipped with Mi-remote. However you can install official Android TV remote application from Play store. This application is also available for iPhone user. but user have reported lots of bugs on that.

To use your smartphone as Android TV Remote

  • Download and Install official Android TV remote from play store.
  • Open the app and pair your Smart Android TV with the application.

Download: Android TV Remote (iOS) (Free)

Now you can use your smartphone to operate your Smarty TV.

This was the list of some unknown Android Smart TV trick you can use to enhance your Smart TV experience. What is the trick you didn’t know about?


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