After WhatsApp , Now Facebook introduces ‘unsend’ Message


Year 2018 is seems to be a tough year for Facebook, the Cambridge Analatica, issues and the alleged deleting the messages from the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Recently, it was reported that the Mark Zuckerberg’s sent messages on Messenger were erased from personal chats, trying to get rid of this glitch , Facebook finally decides to make ‘unsend’ feature officially available for the users.

The issues was reported that Facebook has removed the personal messages from CEO Zuckerberg’s. However the headquarter has never made any official statement regarding the removal of Mark’s messages. It was reported that all the conversation with Zuckerberg’s messages from as back as 2010 have disappeared from several inboxes.

Facebook ‘Unsend’ message, The context

Facebook can dive into your private chats on Messenger

The ‘Unsend‘ Feature is going to be quite different as compared to WhatsApp ‘unsend’, as you can only delete the messages from your inbox. This function is not official available for everyone. After’ 2014 the Sony Hack tragedy‘ which revealed the secrets of the company, Facebook decided to “Protect executive communications

Facebook ‘unsend’ beta is going to be announced

announcing the plans for an “unsend” feature for all, it seems like Facebook is trying to soften the breach of trust, as many users are seeing it. The feature could make Zuckerberg look like a beta tester and eventually normalize the issue. “Until this feature is ready, we will no longer be deleting any executives’ messages,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

Set timer to ‘unsend’ messages on Facebook messenger.

As per reports,  the new ‘unsend’ feature will be available with a timer, it will function in expiration basis so user can set a timer to get their messages disappeared.