Madras court orders Tik-Tok Ban in India, See How Tik-Tok Respond

TikTok Ban in India, See How Tik-Tok Respond

The most popular and favorite Video sharing app TikTok has been banned by Madras Government in India. Court considers the App is polluted as it lacks a proper age restriction and content filter policies. Court says TikTok is polluting the youth of India and leading them to cyber crime.

Courts ask government to start the process of banning in India as it might manipulate the youth and lead them to cyber crime and adultery. The recent incident happened on TikTok support the Court decision to TikTok Ban in India.

Recently two guys were arrested with illegal weapon they use to make video on TikTok.
The lucrative platform to get instant popularity and money in some cases leads them to commit such crimes and ironically these video inspire others to do the same.


Madras High Court To Govt.: Ban TikTok In India

A bench of Justice N Kirubakaran and SS Sundar ordered the Govt. to immediately place a blanket ban on TikTok, across India. No India should be able to download the app, and use it.

What is TikTok?

TikTok, also known as Douyin, is a video app platform which allows user to make lip-sync video and share it across the platform. User can make a 30 sec. video mimicking others or create their own video.

These clips are based on comedy clips, jokes, songs, movie dialogues and all. TikTok came in the lime light last year and has a huge user base of around 500 million around the world.

TikTok Ban in India:TikTok responds

Looking in the seriousness of matter the Chines company has released a statement stating that “At TikTok, we are committed to abiding by local laws and regulations. We fully comply with the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011. We are currently awaiting the official order by the Honourable High Court of Madras and once received, we will review and take appropriate action regarding this matter. Maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment at TikTok is our priority. We have robust measures to protect users against misuse, protect their privacy and digital wellbeing. This includes easy reporting mechanisms that enable users and law enforcement to report content that violates our terms of use and comprehensive Community Guidelines. In order to better coordinate with law enforcement agencies, we have appointed a Chief Nodal Officer based out of India.

Why India is Banning TikTok

In India TikTok is getting its popularity as step and bounds. Currently TikTok has a 100 million user base. The poor content and content filter on TikTok allows users to upload any kind of videos including Adultery, Crime, Communal, Double meaning jokes makes the youth vulnerable to illicit content.

Madras High Court considers is dangerous as Blue Whale Game. The media has already been banned to use or download TikTok videos. There have beeb several cases reported when some one looses their loved on over TikTok.

The petition was filed by an India layer who filed a petition in Court for Banning th TikTok.

TikTok is encouraging pornography and Cyber crime among Indian youth. The┬áInappropriate content on TikTok and poor content filter leads youngster of India to Crime” said the appellant.


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