Thanks giving day 2017 | what is Thanksgiving day.

The fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as the Thanks giving Day in the United States.Thanksgiving in 2017 is on Thursday, the November 23rd. Traditionally a day to get together with friend and families and have special meals together. Turkey, Stuffed potatoes, sauces, Pies made of Pumpkin, and vegetables are the main highlights of the main course. In some cities parades are held on this special occasion. A huge number of opening of new outlets and shops for Christmas shopping.thanksgiving greetings,happy thanksgiving wishes,happy thanksgiving message are the trending way to wish each other. Apart of United States, Thanksgiving Day is  celebrated in Canada, some of the Caribbean islands and Liberia as national holiday.

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day in the United States
Thanksgiving Day in the United States

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as giving thanks for the harvest blessing and of the preceding year. However, Thanksgiving has historical roots in cultural and traditions religious ,Thanksgiving Day has formally been celebrated as a secular holiday as well. After good harvests and for preceding year, Prayer and events organisation is common in different part and religions of the World.

when is thanksgivingday
when is thanksgivingday

Reformation of English in the reign of Henry VIII, days for, days of thanksgiving and religious services became important and it also reacted on the Catholic calendar.The number of Church holidays was 95 excluding 52 Sundays , and people were ordered to go to church and pay for expensive celebrations ,if required ,back in 1536.

After 1536 the number of church holidays were cut to 27 days only. But, Puritans agreed to completely cancel all Church Holidays including Christmas and Easter. It is said that the first ever thanksgiving was in 1623 in America.

How do we celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

How do we celebrate Thanksgiving Day
How do we celebrate Thanksgiving Day

The tradition of celebrating has continued for hundreds since and is celebrated with a lots of delectable and toothsome, food and wine. Roasted turkey, Roasted sweet potato and Seasonal vegetables are the main highlights of the typical Thanksgiving course menu including a plate, resembling a British Christmas dinner. Then all this are topped off with a crust of walnut with pumpkin.

In a strange traditional way the President of USA, “Pardons” one turkey, this turkey is granted as the National Thanksgiving bird to be freed from execution. Strange Huh!!

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