Ram Janm Bhumi Marked as Mandir yahin banega on Google Maps

Ram JanmBhumi is Marked as “Mandir yahin Banega” Temple will be built here in English term: “Mandir yahin Banega” a slogan chant by all Hindu supporting parties and political bodies such as VHP pitching for Ram temple in Ayodhya in U.P., India. 

When you search on Google Maps for the term “Mandir yahin banega” it will display the pin location for the controversial land booked for building the temple of Lord Rama, the mythological God of Hindus. The land is controversial because there is a evidence of 500 years old temple being demolished by the Muslim mob to built a Mosques on the land. Later archaeologists found the proof of temple. 

India is land of God and the most of the population here is Hindu. A temple demolished to build mosque draw a mass gathering of Hindu and some supporting Muslims as well, as the Mosque was demolished to re-build the temple at the same spot.

Later, this incident caused a mass riot in Ayodhya , U.P. in India caused by Muslims attacking the train and killing more than 5000 of Hindu workers called “Kar sewak” who was returning home.

Some political and religious parties came in support of the Temple with evocative of the Slogan “Mandir Yahin Banega” , Temple will be built here.Several Hindutva outfits have for decades demanded that a Ram temple be built at the site, saying the Hindus believe Lord Ram was born there.

Recently a user reported a glitch in Google maps result for the term “Raam Janm Bhoomi” returning the pin point to “Mandir yahin banega”

“We allow user to contribute their local knowledge to Google services. Allowing user to suggest information provides comprehensive and up-to-date info, but we recognize there may be, as in this case, unhelpful edits suggested by users.”, Said Google.

However Google is working to remove the marker from the search term and soon this issue will be solved.


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