How to Download WhatsApp Status Without any 3rd Party App[working]

WhatsApp is an awesome messenger app. The Facebook owned WhatsApp is most popular and number one chatting app ever. Since the announcement of launch of WhatsApp , the messenger is continuously introducing its new features and updates.

But, as it is said ” No one is perfect“, so the WhatsApp is. For example, Whatsapp status, It’s a quite awesome feature ever introduced by WhatsApp , criticized initially but later accepted worldwide, allows user to set written text & video clip as status with will automatically get removed after 24 hours.However, It’s quite awesome but sometimes it left you in a complete greedy situation.  

Download WhatsApp Status without any 3rd party app

Download WhatsApp Status


when you see an awesome WhatApp status set on your friend profile and you wish you had the same status or at least you can share the same clip with your friends and across the group. Now, by default WhatsApp won’t allow you to download the status on your phone or gallery. Well, in that case you are left with only one option and that is asking the concerned person to send you the clip via chat.

Download WhatsApp Status Without any 3rd Party App

It is found that there are several 3rd party apps which will allow you to download status from your WhatsApp contacts. But, I must warn you to stay away from these Apps. Specially, if your are concerned to the data saved in your phone, because all these 3rd party app required several permission to install and use, including media and contact access, and it may put you in real peril  ,allowing every tom dick and harry Apps to let access your phone setting and data , as these apps are not from some genuine publisher who can guarantee the complete privacy and security regarding your data, you let them access may lead you to privacy issue.

You would be surprised to know that you  don’t need any application to download WhatsApp status but, would you belive me if i say that you don’t  even need to download the WhatsApp status because WhatsApp does the stuff for you itself. Don’t belive me?? Huh!! Read further and you will come to know..

Steps to Download WhatsApp Status Without App

Steps to Download WhatsApp Status Without any 3rd Party App
Steps to Download WhatsApp Status Without any 3rd Party App

WhatsApp downloads all your viewed status on the phone’s Internal memory. All you have to do is to just open the status you want to download from the WhatsApp status tab and watch the Status till end.

This way you are actually buffering that status on you phone’s Memory. The video file gets downloaded to your phone but cannot be found in Galley. So, How to get it?? You can find all your viewed status by navigating  WhatsApp>Media>.statuses folder. Here you can find all the statuses you have played on your WhatsApp friend’s status Screen ever.


What is the another trick you know about WhatsApp. And fell free to share you experience in comment below. You may consider sharing the Articles read here, with your friends by just touching the respective Social media icon.


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