Export Chrome Password To PC |Save Google Chrome Password in File

Export Chrome password to PC | save Google chrome password on your laptop/PC locally.

Since the launch of Google chrome, the internet surfing has become easy and less annoying. Remember back than before Chrome was introduced to the world, there were Safari, Netscape and few of them.

And of course how can you forget the most legend and dedicated explore to kill your time, ladies and gentle men I proudly name here Internet Explorer, the million dollar, one and only.

In this article we will be discussing about:

  • Saving you Login ID and password on chrome.
  • How to view saved password in chrome.
  • sync your Login ID and password on chrome online.
  • Export chrome passwords to PC

Surfing in a Dial-up connection could be less frustrating if Chrome was introduced then. Any ways, coming back to the topic. Google chrome has way more surprises for you beneath its hood.

This article will reveal one of them. If you have any queries and questions , just fell free to discuss in the comment section below. Meanwhile if you find this article helpful, please let us know.

We all use Google chrome for browsing the web, ok, let me correct before, the Apple user get offended, let say, most of us use Google Chrome for surfing and browsing web. 


Popular web browser 2017
Popular web browser 2017
Saving you Login ID and password on chrome

While surfing we get an auto save option for username and password. This is quite help full specially you use several portals required to login.Here you can do two thing , either you can keep same ID and password for all browsers or you got to be quite sharp to remember all the Login ID used to register the website and the concerned password.

Now if you put same ID and password for all websites, and if you are ever hacked, you all web login data will be compromised , as hacker has your ID and password you have used to register on all websites.

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google chrome save password
google chrome save password

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How to view saved password in chrome

Here comes Google chrome for the rescue. If you are using your computer or Laptop( or MAC, the Apple users, sorry again for not maintaining). Google prompts user if they want to save the login details for the respective website you just logged in. Next time when you open the same website, Chrome will auto fill the ID and password section.

With time you get used to it, you just completely rely on chrome auto fill and don’t even bother to remember the login credentials for the website. You can view saved password in chrome, by clicking three dots on the chrome browser on right upper corner now click Settings. Scroll down and find Show advanced settings again scroll down and find manage saved passwords. see the image below.


view saved password in chrome

But here comes the trouble. Now Imagine this , your Chrome crashes completely, which happens rarely, but here I assume it to be crashed and you need to install a fresh copy of Google chrome. Now if you install your fresh copy of Google chrome ,all the password and ID saved to your Google chrome will be gone. Here is a screenshot of my Google chrome passwords and ID saved till now. chrome saved password



sync your Login ID and password on chrome online

Now, i cannot effort loosing these saved password with different websites ever. so what to do? Is there any way to save these password and login credentials??so that if I reinstall chrome, I can get them back. One easy way to save your passwords and IDs you have ever saved is syncing your password with google.

You may sync your passwords with chrome by logging in to chrome using your Gmail account to backup your chrome data. To sync your Login ID and password on chrome online goto settings >> sign in and all your bookmarks and password will be saved to you Gmail account.

Once synced, all your passwords with concerned websites will be saved to Google. You can access all your saved passwords by visiting https://passwords.google.com. If you reinstall your chrome just re-sign in and sync. All your passwords will be synced back to chrome.


Export Chrome Password To PC |Save Google Chrome Password in File

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Method 2.

sync you Login ID and password on chrome online

Export chrome passwords to PC

But when it comes to securities , I don’t even trust on Google, rather I would love to save all my passwords and login credentials to my local PC. Here is the pro trick; In this trick I will teach you to Export chrome passwords to PC, so that you data stays safe with you only.
follow these steps to Export chrome passwords to PC and save it as excell sheet.

  1. Open a new tab.
  2. Type chrome://flags and hit enter
  3. Now the page as shown below will open
  4. Press ctrl+f and find for ‘password-import-export or
  5. Simply Copy paste the lines below
  6. chrome://flags/#password-import-export
  7. Now enable it by selecting ‘enable‘ in drop down menu.


Export chrome passwords to PC

  1. Goto to manager password‘ as explained in the article above.( by browsing settings>show advanced options>manage password.)Here you will notice the export and import buttons at the bottom of password window.
  2. Click ‘export‘ and browse to the location on your computer, where you want to save the passwords and name the file.
  3. An excel sheet will be saved to the location defined.
  4. You might add saved password by importing file into the password section of chrome.

folow these steps to save chrome password


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