Broadcom planning to buy Qualcomm for $100 billion -Report

Broadcom planning to buy Qualcomm for $100 billion -Report

Broadcom is the largest maker of Wi-Fi chips in the world, while Qualcomm is the largest maker of modems. As such, if Broadcom were to own Qualcomm, the resulting entity would be in a better position to negotiate with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

“For Broadcom and Qualcomm, the $100 billion bid would make a good deal of sense” says experts.

Since both companies are chip makers that connect devices together and to the Internet as well ,There would also be some USP with the bid,. That synergy would surely benefit Broadcom on first hand, particularly with the Internet of things that are not yet reaching its huge potential.

Broadcom VS Qualcomm
Broadcom VS Qualcomm

Besides, Qualcomm is in the midst of a legal dispute with Apple, with the dispute having started in January 2017 ,when Apple sues Qualcomm for $1 billion, still if made official ,the $100 billion bid would be far from a sure thing. The chip-maker counter-sued the Cupertino-based company in 2017 April , sought injunctions to halt iPhone sales in the US and China, and filed a lawsuit over copyright infringement.

Recently ,Qualcomm filed another lawsuit against Steve Jobs,Apple, with the chip-maker accusing the iPhone maker of breaching a software license contract with Qualcomm..


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