Android Dirty secrets| Android Secret codes 2017-18

Android Dirty secrets| Android codes 2017-18

Android is stacked with so many tools and configuration options, we often overlook some of its most useful features. Sometimes they’re hiding in plain sight. Other times, they’re buried so deep, you’d never discover them without spelunking deep into sub menus, groping blindly in the dark.

In this article we are back with some jaw dropping android secret codes you wish you knew earlier. Since the introduction of Android lollipop to Oreo, Android has came to several changes including interface,UI,on board apps and settings. So, developer codes which worked prior on Lollipop may not work on Naught, So here are the most less known latest Android Secret codes to make you life easier.


Playing with codes is always fun.It’s impressive, handy, smart and sometimes life saver. Make sure to remember these on the go so that you can use them as a pro.Here are the collection of some most powerful and less known Android secret codes Oreo to Lollipop. 

Android secret code #1 

Android secret codes
Android secret codes

Dial *#0*# and it will show you a amazing tool to check all your Hardware on you Android, So next time when you plan to buy a used phone this may be a useful code to quick check all the functions of the phone.

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