10 biggest failure of Google, Apple, Microsoft’s and others

10 biggest failure of Google, Apple, Microsoft’s and others


Jobs once said, “failure doesn’t mean you will never achieve, it just means it takes a little longer.

However, it must be said that these products aren’t failures in the truest sense. Some were innovative, some technologically sound while some were doomed from the start. However, they were certified commercial failures. Here are 10 tech products that completely failed to crate market.Here we have listed top 10 famous brand failures and the products.

1. Microsoft Windows Vista (Operating system)

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10 biggest failure of Google, Apple, Microsoft's and others-Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista (Operating system) was the succeeded version of Windows XP. Windows XP was quite popular and hit version of Windows. It was reported the Microsoft Windows Vista was way more slow and memory consuming OS. Secondly, after the launch of Microsoft Windows Vista (Operating system) Microsoft restricted people from buying Windows XP any more. Launched in 2006 Windows vista was the worst product ever laundered by Microsoft.

2. Google Plus Social Network

The time when Facebook was still in infantry mode compared to the stats today. However back then in 2010 Facebook had a user base of over 500 Million and a net worth of $15 billion. In 2011 Google launched to compete Facebook, with its Social Networking platform Google Plus. Unfortunately, Google failed to be the Facebook of Internet and even the existence of Google plus now, Google admits it to be the biggest failure of Google.

3. Twitter Music

10 biggest failure of Google, Apple, Microsoft's and others-Twitter Music copy

Most of you wouldn’t have heard of Twitter Music. Launched in 2013 by Micro blogging site Twitter, Twitter Music was launched as a soap bubble. Endorsed by big celebrities at the beginning and after six months, Twitter announced that Twitter Music is at the verge of shutdown. And just after the launch of 7 Month, Finally the Twitter Music was dead because it failed to draw the user transaction.

4. Facebook Deals

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10 biggest failure of Google, Apple, Microsoft's and others-facebook Deal

If you think Twitter music is the worst then you must know about Facebook Deals, A Coupon based services launched by Facebook was soon declared as the biggest failure of Facebook. It was shutdown just after the few month of the launch.

5. Google Wave (Communication platform)

10 biggest failure of Google, Apple, Microsoft's and others-facebook Deal

Years before the failure of Google Plus, Google had a another failure in the form of Google Wave, an Instant messenger, Email services and a Micro blogging site combined in one. Launched in 2009 Google Wave was soon taken off as it failed to draw user attention. Finally after completion of 1 year of launch Google Wave was withdrawn.

6. iPhone 5c

10 biggest failure of Google, Apple, Microsoft's and others-iPhone 5c

Steve Jobs, one of the most successful entrepreneur ever. Apple is known for the success stories and the products all over the world. However, even Apple had to taste the failure in form of most demanding and awaited product iPhone 5c mobile phone. Launched at a price of $99, was expected to be the best seller product from Apple. But on the contrary, iPhone 5c registered disappointing sales number after launched in 2013.

7. Google Glass

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Yes! the most fascinating and desirable product ever launched by Google. This uneven pair of glass was launched in 2012. A wearable smartest device ever manufactured was actually a failure. Launched in 2012 and quoted at $1500 had lots of software issues and Google was not able to fix them.

8. Moto RoKR E1(Mobile phone)

10 biggest failure of Google, Apple, Microsoft's and others-motorola_rokr-e1_00

A hybrid product launched by Apple and Motorola together was actually a iPod but not the iPhone. However it was the first ever device to run iTunes. The bad design, Low memory capacity made it a biggest partnership decision ever. Finally Steve Jobs Called off the partnership in 2006 and the Mobile Phone Moto ROKR E1 was discontinued.

9. HP TouchPad (Tablet)

10 biggest failure of Google, Apple, Microsoft's and others HP Touch pad

iPad was the major reason of failure of TouchPad launched in 2011 by HP. Running on Palm’ WebOS, the TouchPad had speed issued and secondary WebOS was not so popular back then. . It had very apps compared to the iPad and a tablet with less number of apps was always doomed to fail.

10. Microsoft Windows ME

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10 biggest failure of Google, Apple, Microsoft's and others-Windows mellenium

Launched in 2000 by Microsoft the ME here stood for the Millennium Edition. It was difficult to install to begin with then suffered from more installation issues when it came to programmers. It is considered as the worst OS, Microsoft has ever come out with. Removing viruses from the system also required a considerable amount of effort.

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